Chapter two

            The next morning I was on the boardwalk with nothing the ocean air and the sun. Jason chased me around the boardwalk because I stole his hat. Even with flip flops I was no match for Jason.

“Give it back, Emily!” Jason shouted. I ran back into the stadium. When there is no one in there; they’re plenty places to hide.

“Emily!” Jason shouted. Unintentionally I climbed into the wrestling ring. My brother jumped into the ring.

“You are trapped now…” he growled playfully.

I went in between his leg; sliding off the ring and going into the stands. Jason went after me.

“Jeez all this for your damn hat!” I said out of breath. Eventually I made it back to the ring. The rope was like rubber bands. I bounced off the rope and jumped on Jason, which was a bad idea.

            “I gottcha now!” He growled playfully. I elbowed him in the rib cage and ran away, up the ramp.

“OHHH!” I fell  to the floor. I ran into a wall. No, not a wall, I looked up and saw the monster himself; The Viper, Randy Orton. My brother only realized then where he was.

“You’re a wild one…” he said glaring at me, and then smirking.

“She can put up a good fight!” Jason shouted.

Randy chuckled, “So I can see…” Randy helped me up, pulling me up from the ground. Our eyes meet a crystal clear blue. It’s rare to find that in a man. My heart suddenly became slow, almost like I can’t feel it. As much as like to stare at him, I had to give Jason back his hat.

            “I just keep running into you…” Randy would say. He wore a different outfit, cargo shorts and a tank top. His arms covered in tattoos. How does his shirt not rip from his muscles? Whoa his muscles are too much.

Randy and Jason talked a few more. I heard bits and pieces about me,

“Does she do any sports?”

“She use to do karate and kick boxing, she just has this little animal like instinct to her”  Jason said.

“She looks too innocent…” said Randy.

Jason chuckled, “Nah, trust me that is not Emily.” “She good at it though” Jason added. Randy smirk at me, his smirks were getting to me, it made me wanna smile back.

            Later that night, the stars couldn’t burn brighter and the lights from the stands enlighten something in me, I felt powerful like they sing about in music videos. After my fulfillment of fun I went back to the hotel, the boys went to the next wrestling match. I was tempted to watch it on TV. I didn’t know why, maybe because I wanted to catch Jason and Leo on TV. If they ever caught me watching WWE, I know they will never let that one go. I kept a close watch to see if they showed Jason and Leo they had front row seats it won’t be hard. At one point I thought I did see them; a quick glimpse.

Randy’s P.O.V

            As always for every fight I was anxious and pump, I did a couple of jumps on the rope and did some push-ups before I was called out.

“Randy Orton!” My name was called. I could never get tired of hearing that. I ran out to the ramp the lights, the screaming fans and my oppont makes this job worth it. I did my pose, making the fans scream louder. My eyes darted at CM, when I’m out here I feel invisible I feel powerful and in control. Nothing could tame me.

            I dashed to CM attacking him. My body not feeling the impact of his body, I was blinded, I did not feel anything or see anything. This is why they call me The Viper. I grinded my teeth, ready to RKO CM, it was my moment. I held CM into the air; the crowd went wild. I caught the sight of Jason and Leo, I could not smile, I would be out of character then and I would lose. Where is Emily? My smile disappeared and my strength; dropping CM on the ground. I could not worry about CM, only Emily.

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