Chapter One (1)

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Red roses, White silk dress, Flowers girls, Me walking slowly to my husband to be... 


BOOOOOM... Ah! Shit!! 

Time check 6:30

"What the hell, Who calls this early in the morning?!" I sign before picking up the phone.


"Hi, Baby Good morning" 

Ah! James baby, Good morning too, Why did you call this frinkin' early in the morning?

"Did you forget about it?"

"About what are we exacly talking about?"

"My family will arrive 7:30am today remember?"

I froze, wtf i totally forgot about it! Of all things? James is my 3 years boyfriend, sure i meet his family twice or... once? because the last time i saw them is the worst day of my life. 

"Right Baby, Of course i'm totally aware about it" 

“Then i’ll pick you up by 4pm. Dinner at home yay and please bring mom’s bracelet. She wants to see it for the last time”

“Okay baby, i’ll see you later. I love you bye xx”

“Okay see you bye!”

Ahhhh! I gotta get back to bed.. “Dinner at home, Bring the... Bracelet..” Shit bricks!! Where did i put it?! Where is it?! Omg! Oh no no...

I immediately stand up from bed, Grab my purse from last night’s party with the girls and look for the bracelet, “ I’m sure that i put it here before dancing”  Its gotta be here!!! Of course, who will get that old styled bracelet ay?After looking in my purse and find Nothing i grab my phone and called Vanessa, She might have it or the other girls.


"Hello? What the heck is wrong with you calling me this early morning? 

"Bracelet! Bracelet! Do you have it?"

"What? No! you grabbed it in my hands last night when i followed you on the dance floor" 

"No! I don't have it!" 

"Did you check your purse? Couse i'm sure that you toss it there" 

"I checked it! Nothing! I found nothing"

Writers Note : 

Okay that was a good start? What to you think? :( Sorry, it's so lame. It's my first time! :) 

I'll upload 5-6 more chapters, Then please rate it if i should continue the story or not. but for now, Enjoy! thank you. :) 

- Pauxx 

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