Alright imma stop writing in big words cuz that's what I've been seeing my my comments😁

Ivory POV

Omg I love that dress! ivory friend camila said . today ivory and her bridesmaid were just looking around for dresses for ivory's upcoming wedding that she was excited about.

I know isn't it beautiful , ivory says admiring herself in the mirror. she starts to get a little teary eye" AWW you guys I can't believe I'm getting married in 12 months.
Well believe it honey, cuz I never thought my ass would be pregnant with mike's baby at 22 , KEISHA said laughing.

I remember YALL use to never like each other, but now look at ya you carrying his baby. ivory said shaking her head and smiling. ivory finishes the last sip of her wine and goes back to the dressing room.
Their were gonna be 7 bridesmaid Camila, Stacy , Tania, Daniela , and the others but sadly KEISHA can't be a bridesmaid due to her being pregnant.
Alright y'all I'm done.ivory said stepping out the dressing room. now who's hungry?
Before anybody could say anything KEISHA screams "me" . everyone laughs are her silly ness. of course ya ass hungry ole pregnant ass.ivory said laughing.


Mmm this food taste so good. KEISHA says stuffing her face with mashed potatoes.
She stops eating ,then looks up to see the girls lookin. something wrong? KEISHA said with a slight attitude

Yes gurl you eating like you don't have no home training. ivory shot back .

KEISHA bobed her head' lemme tell you something the way I eat and got noting to do with home training and it's none of ya damn business. KEISHA said standing up ready to leave Applebee's .

This pregnancy got u fucked up I see .ivory mumbled while eating her salad.
Excuse you! look her ivory I don't what is up with u but u ain't acting like my best friend call me when you get your shit together. KEISHA said on her way out.

Crazy bitch. ivory said low
KEISHA STOPED in tracks and ran to ivory punching her.

Ivory was on the floor just kicking screaming "get this bitch off me".
Ivory accidentally kick keisha in her lower part causeing KEISHA to fall and cry out for help"my baby my baby" was all she kept saying as she laid on the floor holding her stomach .somone call an ambulance !

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