Last Night in Town.

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Joey POV

I went over to Bridgette after Emily went inside, she didn’t seem ok. I put my arm around her, then she rested her head on my shoulder. She stopped crying after a couple of minutes and then her nephews, Liam and Jackson, came over to us.

Jackson: Will you guys take us to the park?

Bridgette: Did your dad’s say it was ok?

Liam: Yes’m.

Bridgette: Ask Joey if he would like to go?

Liam+Jackson: Joey, do you want to go to the park?

Joey: Yea, sounds like fun.

Bridgette: Go get Emily if she wants to go, and meet us in the car.

The boys ran inside and got Emily, then we got into her brothers Ford-F150. Bridgette said “Thanks, for everything” to me once we go in the car, then gave me a quick kiss before all the kids packed in the back. Once everyone was buckled up we headed towards the park, it was about a 15 minute drive to get there.

*at the park*

Bridgette POV

We had just barely got here, when all the kids jumped out of the car and ran off. Joey told me to stay in the car with him for a moment, it sounded like he had something to tell me. I was wrong he didn’t want to tell me anything. I asked why he had asked me to stay, and then he put his hands around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. This was more than just a regular kiss it was like our first kiss, you could still feel all the sparks. As we pulled away whispered “I love you.” Both us then got out of the car and went over to the kids, who were trying to climb a tree. Liam and Jackson were already in the tree, but Emily wasn’t tall enough to get into the tree. Joey walked up to her and squatted down to her.

Joey: Emily, do you want some help?

Emily: Yes, please.

Joey stood back up, picked up Emily and helped her into the tree. As I saw this happen it made me think about if Joey and I were to get married and have kids, this is how he would be with them. Thinking of this made me smile, I know he would be an amazing parent. After my little “moment” all of us went to the swings and Joey and I pushed all of the kids. About 35 minutes later the sun was starting to set and we had to get the kids home, so we left the park and headed back.

*At home*

When we arrived home, the kids cleaned up for dinner and everyone else was setting the table for dinner. It’s Sunday night, so that meant family dinner.  Everyone was here Luke, Chad, Jessi, Lexi (Luke’s Wife) and all the kids. The kids came back downstairs and everyone sat around the table, making conversation about different things. One topic came up about “When I’m going to meet his family.” Joey and I never really talked about it, but I think he knows that I would like to soon. Now that he has met my family shouldn’t I meet his? Does he not want me to meet his parents? All of this was running through my head until Joey spoke up.

Joey: Well I was thinking we could, after Playlist Live. That way we would be on the east coast, and we could just fly up there for a few days. I mean if she was ok with this idea.

Bridgette: I kinda think that is actually a great idea, because I’ll be on break.

Jessi: Sounds like you two have it all worked out,

Bridgette: I guess we do.

Joey POV

Bridgette: I guess we do.

She said those words and she then intertwined her fingers into mine. It was a nice feeling to know that she liked the idea of meeting my family after Playlist. As dinner was finishing up Luke, Lexi, and Liam had left. Then Emily and Jackson went to go get ready for bed, which left all of us adults alone. We all went and sat outside on the back porch and talked. Bridgette was a little upset about having to leave, she really didn’t want to. As the sun started to fall and the sky had turned into a dark blue, Jessi and Bridgette went inside to bed, which left me outside with Chad. It was mostly silence, until Chad spoke up.

Chad: I’m really glad Bridgette has a man in her life like you, you really are a nice guy.

Joey: Well thanks Chad, I’m glad to have a girl in my life like your sister.

Chad and I kept talking about many different things until Jessi came outside and said “Boys it’s getting late and you have an early flight, you both may need to head to bed.” So we ended our conversation, went inside and headed to bed. Once I got upstairs, I saw that Bridgette was fast asleep. I went straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and got into so basketball shorts. Once I did that I climbed into bed and got on twitter. I tweeted “I had an amazing time in TN with my girl and her fam. it was a good little vacation.” then plugged in my phone. Then I got comfortable enough to go to sleep when Bridgette woke up. I whispered to her “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” she told me that it was ok, she then laid her head on my chest, I wrapped my arm around her and we both eventually fell asleep, at 11:35.

Author's Note

Thanks for reading and I have amazing things planed for this Fanfic. I hope you enjoyed. :)

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