I was dreaming I had to be dreaming, am I really making eye contact with my dad?

"hi son" he said "I'm not your son" I said "oh really if it wasn't for me you wouldn't even be here" he said

he walked back over to Diana "so this is the lovely Diana, she's gotten so big" he said

"whats wrong with Gemma?" I yelled at him, He lifted her head by her hair. She looked at me and it wasn't Gemma ''where is she?'' I asked "gemma was never here I just used her to get you to come here" he told me

Diana woke up, she looked at me "harry? where are we" she asked me ''Hi Diana" my father said

she backed away from him "it's me your dad" he said "your not my dad" she said "yes I am look!" he shoved a picture in her face.

"no your not my dad" she said, he looked down, it looked like he was hurt ''let them go" he said and then got up and walked away.

They untied me I ran over to Diana and I picked her up bridal style and I ran back to my car I put her in the back seat.

I started the car and drove off "Harry was that really dad?" she asked me

"harry!?" she asked

"umm yeah that was" I told her

"then why did he--"I really don't wanna talk about it Diana I don't mean to cut you off but I really don't wanna talk about it" I cut her off "Ok" she said and then climbed up front.

"I'm going to rehearsals tomorrow would you like to come?" I asked her.

A big smile appeared on her face "yes I would love to come" she said.

---Next Day---


we arrived to the studio and to be honest I was really nervous I never met the band before "what if they don't like me Harry" I said, he laughed "i'm pretty sure they'll love you and Eleanor and Sophia are here so they can keep you company" he said.

We walked inside "hey Harry" it was Lou their hairdresser "hey Lou this is my sister Diana" he introduced me "the Diana?" she asked him, he nodded "its so nice to finally meet you Harry told us alot about you and its great that you're back" she said and gave me hug, "its really nice to meet you'' I said "oh this is baby Lux" she told me showing me Lux, "hi Lux I'm Diana" I said "Hi Diana" she said in a cute baby voice.

We all laughed "Harry" someone shouted I turned around and it was Niall.

My heart stopped when I saw him, he's even more good looking in person. Harry saw my facial expression and he started laughing.

"lets go introduce you to the boys see you later Lou" he said and we waved to Lou and Lux "bye guys" she said and then walked out the door.

When we walked into the studio the boys were all sitting down some were shirtless and some had on muscle tees I looked and Eleanor and Sophia were sitting on the couch, Zayn was on the phone Louis was sitting on the chair which was being spinned by Niall and Liam was talking to Paul.

"look who's here" Louis said "hey guys" he said "is this her?" Liam asked pointing to me "yup" Harry answered, "hi Diana its nice to meet you" he said "hi Liam" I said, he didn't shake my hand he gave me a hug. "so this is the famous Diana" Louis said giving me a hug "Hi Louis" I said "Hi Diana" Zayn said and gave me a hug "hi Zayn" I said "Diana!!" Niall hugged me.

They hugged me like they already knew me, "hi Diana I'm Eleanor'' Eleanor said and then gave me a hug "and I'm Sophia its nice to meet you" she said and then gave me a hug.

The boys and the girls were all so lovable during rehearsals I was talking to Sophia and Eleanor

"I heard you already got hate on twitter?" Sophia asked "um yeah I did they were saying all this stuff like Harry could do better or harry wants me and not you and I'm just like he's my brother I don't wanna date him that would be nasty" I told them "get use to it is all I gotta say but some fans are really nice and supportive'' Eleanor told me "yeah are you guys going on tour with them?" I asked

"i'm going for half of it" Sophia said "yeah same what about you?" Eleanor asked "yes" I answered

"were you a fan before you found out he was your brother and stuff" Eleanor asked

"yes I was completelely in love with them I know every song I went to their concert last year I was just in love I was your definition of Directioner" I told them "I was a fan also before me and Louis started dating" Eleanor said "I was a huge fan before me and Liam started dating, but when we did I got alot of hate because most of directioners favorite couple was payzer, him and Danielle, so it was tough" sophia said "and people called me a bard or beard whichever one because some of them ship larry they think i'm covering up for Louis and Harry which isn't true, but I just ignore it because its not true" Eleanor told me "yeah I see it all over twitter i'm not a Larry shipper because I can tell you guys are in love and it must be a pain getting all that hate but your a strong girl" I told her

we all laughed "so what do you guys wanna do?" Sophia asked

"we should go shopping" Eleanor suggested

"I always wanted to go shopping with you guys lets go" I told them, we all got up from the couch "guys we're going shopping" Eleanor said "ok" they said "Harry i'm taking your wallet" I said "don't spend it all" he said "no promises" I joked


no hate to Larry Shippers it was just my opinion we all ship what we wanna ship

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