The bite

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Dear mom,

went to the store to pick up food

I taped the note to the fridge and grabbed my jacket and walked out the door. The store was 30 minutes away. If I ran it was 20. It was dark outside around midnight. My mom got home a little after.

  There was a shadow figure I know that this couldn't be real. It was to dark. Something bit me. Maybe i was thinking about it. There wasn't something right. I ran home it took me less time to get there. As soon as I got home I walked upstairs and looked in my mirror. I checked my neck. There were bit marks on my neck. My hair turned blond to brown and straight to wavy.

"hello" said a strange voice. I turned around and there was a girl sitting on the ceiling who had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Hope you enjoyed that chapter. More coming soon.

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