Chapter 11: Wavering Heart

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-Mana P.O.V- (next day at school)

Ah...what was that? Was last night was just a dream? But the sensation Ryota kiss my's real. I touched my lips.

" wet", I thought to myself.

"Mana-chan!!", Momoi loud voice snapped me from my daydreaming.

"Huh? Oh, Momoi...", I fix my glasses position.

"Mana-chan, what's wrong with you? Is there something wrong?", Momoi asked.

"It's nothing...", I frowned.

Akashi sat obediently next to me, doing his student council job I suppose.

"So what brings you here Momoi?", I asked politely.

"'s just that I want to borrow your English notebook", Momoi begged me.

"Sure, here", I lend her mine.

"Thanks!", she hugged me then left.

I sighed in annoyance, staring the sky blankly...I don't know how to react if Ryota come.

"Akashicchi!", Ryota came with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Oh no...", I shrugged and pretend to sleep.

"What is it Ryota?", Akashi clearly feel annoyed because Ryota disturb his important work.

"I want to borrow your math notebook-ssu~", he winked.

"Ask someone else", Akashi replied coldly. "Hidoii desu-ssu~", Ryota fake crying. And then I felt Ryota staring me, but I just ignore him, I still can't face him now.

"Okay, okay...I'll go ask someone else", Ryota groaned and left. I couldn't help but sighed in relief.

"What happen between you and your-so-called-bestfriend?", Akashi glared.

"Me and Ryota? Nope...nothing happen", I conceal my face from Akashi.

"You just love lying, aren't you?", he sighed.

"Forget about that, where are we going next? You know...for the study group", I tried to switch for another topic.

"If you're thinking about switching to another topic, it won't work on me. But since you asked...well, we're going to Ryota house", Akashi replied.

"I see...thank you", the thought of going to Ryota house next, making it more worse.

"You haven't answer my question Mana, what happen between you and Ryota?", Akashi forced me to answer.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It's confidential", I stared him blankly.

"Oh right, of course none of this is my concern", he snickered.

"That's true, it's none of your concern", I added, and it seems I just put oil on a fire...

-After school (Ryota house)-

"Welcome to my house, make yourself at home-ssu~", Ryota winked at us.

"Your house is not that bad", I examined the suroundings. His house is minimalist style, it's cool actually, it looks neat.

"I'm happy you said that Manacchi-". When our eyes met, for some reason I automatically averted my eyes from him, and so he is.

"You two act weird~", Momoi smirked.

"Huh? No! It's just your imagination", I denied.

"Is that so?", Akashi added.

"Agh, whatever", I sighed in defeat.

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