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" They move like pro killers. Like machines."

" And I'm one of them?" I ran my fingers across the glass drawing faces.

His hand reached my cheek and trace through my lips softly.

" You're more human than me. Every day pass by I see that in you. So you were right. You have escaped the place when you were a kid." He said softly and I felt myself leaning to that touch.

It was rare his small affections. But I learnt to satisfy with them for the moment. The man was a beast. But in times I could see humanity in him.

I touched his hand and when he tried to take away his hand I tightened my hold.

" Please..." I whispered softly knowing pleading will give him satisfaction.

He chuckled huskily and grabbed my my hand.

" You're such a minx."

" I'm addicted." I groaned leaning against the seat.

" To me?"

" Yes..." I answered and closed my eyes sleepily.

" You're exhausted."

" I used my power. It takes energy. And Dee's at hospital. Josh is with her." I replied tucking my legs under my chin.

" That boy is confused."

" And we all are like that. Can you find some information about Dee?"

" Sure. I don't abandon my family."

" Ah ha. If you have the same blood Jake has of course you won't. Oh one thing. I don't think they will hear whatever you do to me." I muttered groaning. I just remembered the whole nigh scenes.

" Why?"

" They're having a special dinner. Who knows when they sleep leaving us in peace." I rolled my eyes.

" Ah! Gross." Adrian scoffed and I looked at the older guy. He was a man with a dangerous aura around him.

But when we talk about his parents the same look Josh has comes to his hard face. And he looks younger and boyish. What happened to a young boyish Adrian to be such a beast was cruel.

And I couldn't resist the want I felt for him. I unbuckled my seat belt.

" What are you doing?"

" Don't get us in to an accident." With that I leaned to him and started kissing his jaw. My hands roamed over his tux and perfect hair freely.

I heard him growl trying to control himself and grinned to myself.

And it seems we're going to have a long night too.

* * * * * *

I groaned waking up to the sunrise and rolled to the other side. And I regretted that immedietly. I hissed at the pain as my body ached. And it was no fun waking up with no clothes to a freaking cold morning.

But when I noticed the man sitting on bed with my laptop who was staring at me with a blank face.

I immedietly managed to smile widely at him and sat on my bed.

I knew everytime he does this to me he regretted and blamed to himself. He disgusted himself so I could only smile away my pain to comfort him. Though both of us knew it would be useless. But a girl can try, right?

" Hey... Did you have a bath?" I leaned to his body and ran my fingers down his arm. But he caught my hand and pushed me away.

" Don't. You won't walk straight." He growled at me.

" I don't care. Hurry up. I don't want mom or dad find us like this." I dragged my body down to the soft floor and walked to my bathroom.

" You're going to get killed one day." He huffed but followed me in the process.

" Sam..." Dad yelled from the other side of the door.

" Yes dad?" I answered glancing at Adrian.

" Josh said that he's taking Dee to our home for few days. They will be here soon." Dad informed.

" Okay. I'll be down soon." I answered and closed the bath room door.

" I'm going down." Adrian narrowed his eyes at me.

" No. You're not. Or I'll scream to dad."

" I'm going soft over you. Ain't I? Let me show you why you should run away from me." Adrian stalked to me and pushed me against the wall under the shower.

I looked in to those intense eyes and bit my bottom lip nervously.

Then I nodded throwing away his warning glance and closed my eyes.

It took half an hour for me to go downstairs. Dee was sitting on the sofa and my mom was worrying over her.

Josh was sitting on a love seat while dad was watching them on a chair.

" Hey Dee." I patted my friends arm yawning. I had to wear fully clothes to hide the bruises.

She grinned at me trying to comfort mom. She was asking what foods Dee needs. And she probably thinking of new brand clothes for Dee. Good for her.

" I wonder which one of us stayed at the hospital, Sam. You look pale and dead on feet." She smirked at me.

I glared at her looking for a comfortable place to sit. She was right. I felt like I got beaten by a gang.

" Come here." Dad motioned to me and I gladly climbed to his lap and snuggled happily.

It was something I got used since I woke up from my coma. Everytime I woke up screaming and thrashing he would take me to his lap and rock me to sleep.

I owed him my life and that's why we had such a close and strong bond. Josh says another addition to wicked females in the family. At times both of men bow to our wishes mom would wink at me. It was our own secret.

It was obvious I didn't have a family before. But this is something I never let go. They were precious to me. I loved them to death.

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