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June 2, 2005

I don't have a lot of time to write but I've been kidnaped. I really this somehow gets to someone. Anyways I found paper and I've had my lucky pen in my pocket. Just because who ever might get this may not know that I've even been kidnapped or so i'll tell you how. Yesterday I was walking home from school at about 3:58 P.M., and I was so excited because tomorrow also known as today was gonna be the last day of school we were going to have an ice-cream party, so I was very excited. Except I was too excited to the point I didn't even notice someone was following me. At least until I looked behind me because I heard the sound of heels hitting the ground. I really wish I didn't do that because after I looked back that's when she grabbed me she was about 5'4" and very skinny. I didn't let her take me with out a fight, but she one and shoved me in her car. It was a mini van, and it was white. I was terrified. She took me to her home, told me I'd be there for a while. Just so you know I'm in the 5th grade. I can only write a little longer because she said she would be back soon she was just going to the store. Oh no she's back I'm gonna put this away and hid it really quickly I'll write again tomorrow. BYE!!!

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