Chapter 2

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I woke up at morning to sobbing and screaming. "Seriously?" I moaned and rolled out of bed. I walked downstairs to see half of the town in my living room. "Um.. Excuse me?" I murmered. Little did I know that a murmer would result in everyone staring me down. "Is, is um everything uh, okay?" I stuttered a good few times. "Laur..." Nick came towards me. "What?!" I screamed. "Mom and Dad are dead.." I never understood what somebody meant when they say they have an out of body expierence but at that moment, everything was going in slow motion. 

The next few weeks we spent going through our parents' things. They were found dead in their car with bites on their necks. Something the townspeople have never seen before. As I was going through my mother's things, I saw something I never saw before. It was a book from our founding family, the Montgomery's. The book was ridiculous. Talking about a cure. The cure to bring back the dead. The book also spoke about vampires, werewolves and witches. I later showed Nick the book, and he looked just as shocked as I did. He never saw it before. "Look Nick! This is probably some bullshit the council put in mom's stuff. Mom and Dad weren't killed by mythical creatures. Vampires don't exist Nick, neither do werewolves, or witches. This book is bullshit!" Then I took the book, and threw it at the wall. "Laur.. Laura, stop." "What Nick?!" "I... I believe it."

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