A trip to the park?

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The next day

I got out of my bed, and went to the bathroom to take a shower, this is the first day I have felt like actually take a shower in a few weeks the other ones was just kinda because I forced myself.

After my shower, I decided to get on the computer something I havent got on in weeks.

I got on Facebook, and checked my twitter, and when I checked my twitter there was alot of Ronnie Radke fans pissed with me.

They were so many hate comments they we like you sent Ronnie to Jail, you...you bitch. I cant believe because of you he went to Jail for the second time. Thanks dumbfuck.

Seeing this made me throw my laptop, I literally threw it, against the wall it broke into pieces because I was so upset.

I finally decided I would blow off some steam and get out of the house because I havent in awhile.

I got into the car and put the key into the ignition and the car roared to life.

I then just started driving to how knows where or when I would be back.

I then saw a park that was empty, I shut the car off and decided to sit on the bench and think.

I sat on the bench and starting thinking but then I felt like someone was behind me, so I looked and I saw my mother.

She had tears in her eyes, tears of joy because she hasnt seen me in least 7 months, but I am pretty sure it has been longer than that.

I really dont know when the last time was that I saw her.

I didnt know whether to be happy to see her or scared she is here.

So I decided to be happy maybe she has changed?

Hey, mother what are you doing here? I asked.

I was rather curious why she was here or how she found me.

Oh well I was going on a walk and I just happened to find you here she said

Mom you dont live really in this area

I used to didnt but I decided to have a new start and move here.

Creepy you moved here, I was rather creeped out I dont think this was a accident.

Yeah tell me about it she said.

Then I noticed she had the creepiest smile on her face, at that instance I ran as fast as I could hoping she would not catch me.

I starting running and running then I decided to look back to see how close she was, then I noticed she was right on my tail.

I knew instantly what she was going to do she was going to try and kill me, probably because I left her and because of the reasoning that she now knows.

I then felt a two hands grab me and sling me to the ground as much force that was in them, I had to say she has gotten stronger than the last time she hit me.

I fall to the ground and I think I hit the bench and all of sudden all I see is blackness and I heard a voice yell

Now you are dead, thats what you get for leaving me, you fucking whore.

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