I gasped for air as I impaled yet another infected being. It’s been almost two years since the virus leaked, I haven’t seen another survivor since...Jared. We had been travelling together for almost 6 months, though it felt like a life time. When we finally came across a bunk house we were thrilled, until they turned on us, they didn’t believe we would be able to wonder around for so long and not be infected. When they swung for us Jared aimed to protect me, he told me to run, and I trusted him... that’s when I heard the sound of gunfire and a male scream.

Ever since then I swore I’d survive on my own, Just me and my 16 inch machete. That’s all I need. I never stay anywhere for long and when I do I keep myself to myself.

Walkers were swarming in to the dull room by the dozens, the biggest infestation I’ve seen so far. As I was piled into the corner, like a filthy animal, I clutched my machete, raising it out in front of me. A vile creature with a gape for an eye and pool of blood for a mouth lunged for me; I killed it with a single slash of my metallic weapon, leaving it to crash to the floor like a bird without wings. He was followed by another, and another, my arm was beginning to ache along with a throbbing pain in my abdomen. I still flung myself at them striking with all my might until two were left.

I wiped my sweating brow and becalmed them closer, teasing them until I had the strength to slaughter them, I built up the power to attack but they were gaining on me. I knew I couldn’t retaliate as I was flopped against the wall in fatigue. I heard a shout, almost like a warrior cry, as both the infected bodies fell to the ground lifeless.

I saw a figure approaching me, as it got closer the figure had masculine features. He had Short dark hair which was wet from perspiration. He sported a distinctive jaw line and piercing green eyes. He wore a mauve utility belt, equipped with two small pistol type guns and a dagger across the front; I saw his hand reached for mine. I rejected his offer, hoisting myself up much to his displeasure. He glared at me for a moment before opening his mouth to talk “Are you okay?” the patronising sound in his voice made me wince as I replied with a harsh tone “Nothing that I couldn’t handle on my own”

I lied. This man just saved my life and I knew it, so why was I being so ungrateful? With this thought a searing pain sprang from every limb in my body as I let out a shriek of pain, I felt myself falling, gaining speed as I did so until strong, muscle built arms clasped my small of my back and the join of my shoulder blades.

I looked up at him, seeing only his silhouette through the dim lights above him. “Who are you?”  I asked weaker than expected.

“Finn and you are?”

I looked up at him, mesmerized, he looked like an angel, the light perfectly bouncing of his contoured face and muscular torso.

“You don’t need to know my name” I replied bluntly, narrowing my eyes trying to read for signals in his face

“Fine, I would like to know your name” He replied with a musky, sarcastic tone.

“How do I know if I can trust you?”

“Well I did just save your life” He spat shaking his head in disbelief,

The room fell silent, apart from the roaring wind outside and the rattling of the wooden, cracked door.

“I’m Alaya, Happy?” After the words came tumbling out I heard his faint, manly chuckle.

“What’s so funny, huh?” He fell silent, “Well, are you going to tell me?!” I demanded.

Finally he spoke, He spoke like a god “You think your tough don’t you, I’ll tell you now, this isn’t going away, not anytime soon. So why you’re so keen on fighting this on your own, I have no clue. So stop being so stubborn and grow up Alaya” I heard him swear a few times, as I huffed in frustration. Finally I pulled myself off the ground dusting off my black, worn jeans. “Look” I began “I’m sorry. I don’t need someone always on my case, I don’t need someone looking after me so I don’t need you” he walked closer to me slowly until we were only a breath apart “Oh, Is that true” he still came closer, his eyes fixed on my lips “It seemed like you needed me earlier, and then again when you fell” his face came closer to mine, but hovered against my ear “You may not need me Alaya, But you want me”. 

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