The Family Next Door

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My name is cad. And

This is an story of myself when I was 11 years old:

I lived in Paris in an little apartment near downtown.​It was an scary and always dark place and we just moved into it.​No other person or family lived there.​my dad was an retired army person and my mum an teacher.I had three little sisters and I was alone.​At that time I didn't study as well as my sisters.​Every day my parent went to find an job leaving me and my sisters alone in the apartment and they return home with no success.​It was not good time for us.​We even had every little food to have to eat.​One day my dad found an job and then he putted us in an near by school.​It was the time after we have lived in the apartment for half an months.I was not happy to school because I didn't know any person there.I had to go to the school ten days after the admission.​And then one day an family moved in the apartment next to us.​It was not and a good family at all because we get to hear there fights which they had with each other.​After 7 days from when they have moved in I every first saw there kid he was around about my age and looked every unfriendly as all at first.​Now the day came when I had to go school.I was nervous and I was

Supposed to sit in grade 4.​when I entered in the class I saw that kid who lived next to us.I got an seat with him.​He told me his name his name was Robinson and I told him mine.​The day at school was very boring and that day was the worse of all because when I reached my home back I found that my father had been killed by an criminal.i was very sad about him and cried for him

Every night.​It was like that my Herat has been taken from my body.​however after 5 day my mum got an job nearby.​but the strangest thing about it was that she had to work for 10 hours sometime more.​Now I was getting friendly with Robinson but in some ever in my heart that he and his family was not good.​My mother sent my sisters in an daycare center and I lived in the apartment alone at night.​Living in dark and scary place also made my heart go darker.​Robinson was an clever kid and was very rich by some how.​The robing in the area was going higher by the day.​One day Robinson knocked at my door and I answered it.​He looked me and said"let's go and eat something"I told him "that I didn't have any money"he answered that "I have money let's go" I went with leavening my apartment opened and I was not allowed to outside but I went.​We went to an big toy shop and bought some guns,binoculars,and other military stuff and played.​It got darker but we played and when my mum came back and saw me playing and the the apartment alone.​she took me inside with her.​She was nit happy with me And she yelled at me so hard I went crying and told me not to. Play with him I was sad that now I had no one to play with.​After she went to her job with my sisters Robinson again knocked at me door and again we went to buy some thing and again leaves the apartment opened.

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