chapter 11

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I woke up at nine thirty to see Brent was still awake but barely. "Well, good morning princess," he said as I lifted my head up. ''Sorry Brent, I used to fall asleep to my light up stars on my ceiling as a kid so now whenever I look at the stars I doze off." "It's ok. I liked cuddling with you," Brent replied and kissed my forehead. We got up and I helped Brent clean up and take down the lights since we had school tomorrow. It was really dark so Brent took out his phone and turned it on the flashlight mode. We walked back to his car and got in. We talked about movies that were playing now and just other random stuff as usual. He pulled up in his driveway and walked me to my house. "I had fun tonight. Thanks for the date," I said. "Anything for my girlfriend," Brent said. He kissed me on the cheek and I went inside. My mom was on her laptop really concentrating so I just went upstairs. I took a shower, got into my pjs, and went to bed. I thought about Brent as usual but this time I thought about how he had fallen for me.
I hoped in the car to find Brent's mom driving for his mom needed the car to get to work. We arrived at school and sat down at the lab tables for first hour. The intercom came on and the principal began to speak. "Can Miss Sydney Jenkins please come to the office now." Everyone turned and looked at me and I slowly got up and walked out of the classroom. I shot Brent a worried look and he mouthed to me that everything was ok. I hadn't done anything bad at this school so it had to just be something about being a new student I guess. I arrived in the general office and the front desk lady, Mrs. Sandra, sent me in. When I walked in the principal was sitting at his desk and a girl who looked like my age was sitting in a chair next to him. They both smiled as I walked in. "Hello Miss Jenkins. This is Samantha Kelly. She just moved here from Florida too. I thought since you two had some things in common that you could be her guide today. She has all the same classes as you," the principal said. "Sure," I replied. I had never been one of those tour people but I was sure I could manage it for a day. Samantha got up and we began to walk back to Chemistry. "So what part of Florida are you from, Samantha?" I asked. "Oh please call me Sam. I'm from Jacksonville," she replied sweetly. She seemed nice. We walked into Chemistry and since all the lab tables were full, Mr. Preston put Sam with a group of two other girls who were always flirting with Brent. I went back to my table and sat down next to Ash relieved. "Is she nice?" Ash whispered to me. "Ya she was polite and sweet," I whispered back. "Those are the ones you have to watch out for. Believe it or not Megan was that way when she came to this school." I took Ash's advice into consideration. "I guess you are right. I'll watch out for her,'' I said and started to complete my assignment.
I sat down at my lunch table next to Brent. I saw Sam come out of the lunch line and I waved for her to come over. When she sat down she about fainted. "What happened?" I asked worried. She looked at Brent. "You're Brent Rivera!" she said loudly. "Yes I am," he said a little nervously. "I love your vines. You are so cool." Brent didn't like it when girls at school fan girled over him is he changed the subject. "Here, let me introduce you to my friends. This is Jack, Ash, Nathan, Cameron, and my girlfriend Sydney but you already knew that." "Nice to meet you all," Sam said. I could of sworn I saw her glare at me for a second but maybe I was wrong. We finished our lunch and headed to out next class. "So you are dating Brent?" Sam asked as she walked with me. "Ya, he gave me these two necklaces," I said pointing to them around my neck. "Cute," she said and stopped talking. She walked up to our teacher and was assigned a seat next to me.

The rest of the day Sam barely talked to me. She did, though, flirt with Brent. Brent ignored her, but she was making me jealous and mad. I told her he was my boyfriend and she was going to flirt with him anyway. At the end of the day Brent walked up to my locker. "Guess who just got two tickets to a special showing of Divergent on Thursday," he said showing me his phone which confirmed that he bought two tickets. "You are the best!" I said to Brent and we walked out together to my mom's car. " How was school?" my mom asked as we drove back to my house. "I had to show a girl around school today," I said. "Is she nice?" my mom continued. "She's ok," I said but I really wanted to say she was terrible and trying to steal my boyfriend! My mom pulled up in our driveway and I invited Brent in. We went up to my room and we did our homework and decided to go to Jenny's for dinner once we were done.

We walked in and sat down at a booth in the back. A waitress came up to our table and asked for our order. Brent and I both got chocolate milkshakes and burgers. We ate and talked about the movie on Thursday and about how Brent said he was taking me to dinner after the movie. When we were finished Brent paid and got up. " I have to use the restroom, be right back," he said. I sat at the table and scrolled through Twitter on my phone when I heard a girl at the table in front of me speak. " She is terrible. She's ugly and not Brent's type. I don't know what he sees in her," the girl said. I looked up to see Sam and she was talking to a girl who looked like she was probably her sister. I could not believe Sam was saying that about me. Ash was right about her. Brent came back and we left. Sam saw us and she glared at me. I glared back. I had a feeling she was going to do something to try to break Brent and I up, but I wasn't going to let her.

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