It has been about 2 hours since I arrived at Sammi's place. In those 2 hours both of us cried while holding each other, made a Harry and Niall dart board and cheered at each other to get them right in the eye, saw lots of girl empowering youtube videos and ate more than the whole of America put together. After about 1 and half hour I kind of cooled down a bit, I think I had unconsciously been aware that you know, me and Harry weren't gonna work out. But Sammi, oh my, she just couldn't seem to be able to control herself, she was continuously crying and she still is crying. I swear to god, that the next time I see Horan, I am gonna punch in his Irish face.

I don't think I can handle Sammi alone right now. I think it's time for an emergency KKK meeting. Better call Eppy.

I can't find my phone, wtf! Urrgh, I'll just use Sammi's for now. I pick up Sammi's phone and dial Eppy's number. She picks up after 5 rings.

"Wassup, Sammipops!?" I hear on the other end.

"Hey, Eppy! It's Fae. Emergency KKK meeting at Sammi-Jammi's place now!"

I intend on explaining more but I hear a yelp from the kitchen. Uh-oh.

I run towards the kitchen and see Sammi holding her finger, oh shit it got cut!

"Sammi! Darling, you should be careful with that knife!"

"I know-I-I was just trying to make a sandwhich and-" She stops mid sentence, letting out a large sob.

I pick up a clean cloth from the kitchen counter and tie it around her finger tightly before taking her to her room to find the first aid kit. I clean up the cut all the while tey my best to console Sammi. I just feel that somehow, I am the reason she is hurting so bad right now. I was the one who continuously assured her that the thing with Ellie and Niall wasn't going anywhere and that soon enough, he did break up with her and come running back to Sammi. I shouldn't have, I know but I just couldn't stand by and let her brood all the time.

I hear the doorbell ring and get up from the bed, Sammi looks up at me with a confused expression on her face.

"It's probably Eppy, I called her." I tell her giving her a weak smile.

I run down the staircase and towards the door. I open the door and see Eppy standing there with a worried expression on her face. Her brows are creased together and she is slightly jumping up and down. She looks up at me and her eyes widen.

"Oh my god. Fae, what happened? You look like a mess!" She says taking a step into the house and places her petite hands on my shoulder. Must be my mascara and liner. I have been crying after all.

"I and Harry broke up." I try to sound nonchalant, not at all succeeding.

"Ohh, Fae I am so sorry!" Eppy says, looking at me with a genuinely sad smile.

"I am sorry too, but Sammi is more important right now. Niall told her about his dumb plan." I says leading her towards Sam's room.

"Ha! He is such an inconsiderate asshole!" She says, pure anger etched on her face.

"Yeah and she is an inconsolable mess!" I reply as we enter the room.

Sammi looks up at us and tries to give Eponine a smile and opens her mouth to say hello but ends sobbing all over again.

I swear to god that Niall Horan will pay for this.

I and Eponine walk up to her bed and sit down beside her she immediately reaches for my hand and leans her head on Eppy's shoulder. I squeeze her hand reassuringly and the 3 of us pull in for a group hug.

Soon enough we are watching Legally Blonde, huddled up together and munching on the french fries that I and Sammi ordered earlier.

Girl time is the best way to console yourself.

Girl time realllly is the best innit?



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