#SkyLight II (Skydoesminecraft)

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Here is the long awaited part 2! I was kinda grounded. Also can someponycrafter tell me in the comments or through messages how to write AJ's accent?

"Why is everyone looking at us?" Sky questioned as they walked out of the train.

"Because alicorns are rare species and I'm a princess." Twilight answered, surprised by the question. "Aren't alicorns rare where you're from?"

"I'll explain later. GOD, WHY IS EVERYONE STARING AT US." Most ponies looked away in shame.

Twilight seemed startled me by the sudden outburst. "Anyways, I think you'll want to meet my friends?"

Sky nodded. "That would be-" 

A pink blur raced towards Sky and tackled him to the ground.



"Hey, Twilight! I was just welcoming the new pony!"

"I see. Sky, this is Pinkie. Pinkie, this is King Sky. He'll be staying at my house until he can go back home.

Pinkie ran off muttering something about a 'Royal party'.

"She seems nice."

Twilight motioned to a tree in the middle of the town. "Spike is already waiting for us inside." She opened the door and was surprised to see Discord, floating and reading a book.

"I'm not even startled anymore." Sky muttered.

"Well, hello!" The draconiquees (That's how you spell it, right?) said. "I'm Discord, lord of Chaos."

"I'm Sky." He didn't like the fact that Twilight introduced him as 'King Sky' to Pinkie.

"Twilight!" Spike came rushing down the stairs.

Discord left, thinking they discoverd the purple python he had put in the basement.

"What is it, Spike?"

"A letter from the princesses!" Sky looked up.

"A way to go home?"

"Dear Twilight and Sky, we are sorry to tell you the portal was a one way portal." Spike stopped and looked at Sky and Twilight. Twilights face read shock and Sky looked about to cry, but nodded for Spike to continue.

"There isn't any way we can send you back to Minecraftia - as you called the place-. Again, we're sorry, the portal can't be opened from this side. Signed Princess Celestia. "

Tears streamed down Sky's face and Spike could feel pity for him. He had lost his life, his friends, his family, his kingdom.

Twilight walked over to him, while Spike snuck out the room (to tell Pinkie it wasn't a good time for a 'Welcome to Ponyville!' party.

Twilight wrapped her wing around Sky and let him cry.

"Sky." The sobs from the stallion became softer. "We will find a way to send you back."

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