Chapter 5

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Christina P.O.V

I Feel Stupid. Its Been Almost 2 Months And We Still Aint Speaking. I Shoulda Believed Him. He Said He Don't Fuck With Lala Like That, So Why Didn't I Believe My Baby. I Ain't Fucking Know That Hoe Drugged Him. Like Who The Fuck Does That And That's Why He Ain't Know What I Was Talking About. Estoy Muy Estupida Por No Creerle ( I'm Really Stupid For Not Believing Him ). Today Me And Ciara Going To The Mall. Im Wearing My Hair Straight, A White Bandea Top, A Jean Jacket, High-Waisted Shorts And The Taxi's. Yes I'm Always Fly. I Take Some Pictures For Instagram And Post Them. I Go Downstairs To Get My Keys And Bag. " Where You Going " Jayden Asks Me. Watch He Bout To Try And Come. " To The Mall With Ciara " I Say Bout To Walk Out The Door. " Can I Come Pleasee " Jayden Asks Poking His Lip Out. I Laugh Cause He Is So Stupid. " Boy Let's Go " I Say. He Laughs And Gets Up " Love You " He Says Walking Past Me And Heading To My Car. " Yupp " I Say Sarcastically Locking The Door Behind Us.

While We At The Mall. Ciara And Jayden Been Kissing, Talking, Laughing And Having Fun Being Boo'd Up And I Just Wanna Go Home. I Miss Stephon Like Crazy. We Went To A Couple Stores Then The Food Court . Jayden Saw Some Of His Homies So He Went To Talk To Them. Me And Ciara Sat Down At A Table . She Looked At Me. " Wassup Why You So Quiet " She Asks Taking A Bite Of Her Sub. I Shrugg My Shoulders Getting On Facebook. " Stephon " She Says. Yes That's The Reason. " No Its Not Him...I Guess I'm Not Really In The Mood " I Say Not Looking Up From My Phone. " No Stephon...He's Here " She Says Happy As Hell. I Looked Up So Fast It Wasn't Even Funny. I Turned Around And My Heart Started Beating Faster. There He Was, Talking And Laughing With Jayden And His Other Friends. I Turned Back Around And Looked At Ciara. " You Better Go Get Ya Man " She Says. I Roll My Eyes And We Get Up. " Come On " I Say Grabbing My Bags.

We Started To Walk Over There But I Stopped Dead In My Tracks When I Saw Lala. She Looked At Me, Smiled And Then Walked Up To Stephon Feeling All On Him. To Be Honest It Made My Blood Boil. Like I Turned Mad As Fuck. This Bitch Is Steady Testing Me. " Can I Go Beat Her Ass Real Quick ? " Ciara Asks Me. I Laugh And Nod My Head Yes. I Take Her Bags And She Walks Over To Them. This Shit Bout To Be Funny. Then Stephon Looks Up Making Eye Contact With Me. I Look Away And Sit Down Waiting For Lala To Get Her Ass Beat...Again.

Ciara P.O.V

I Handed Christina My Bags And Headed Over To Lala. Yah Might Think This Is Childish But This Hoe Deserves It And She Fake As Hell. I Can't Believe We Was Actually Friends With Her. I Walked Up Behind Her And Tapped Her Shoulder. She Turned Around And Smiled, Which Made Me Smile. And Why Is She All Up On Stephon ? " Hey CiCi, I Haven't Seen You In Forever " Lala Says Acting Fake Ass Hell. She Should Really Be An Actor. " Yea I Been Busy But Imma Put It Like This, You Fake As Fuck, That Shit You Did Was Foul To The Fullest And I Don't Like You " I Say. She Just Nodds Her Head. I Should've Been Hit Her. " Well Too Bad, You Just Better Be Lucky It Was Stephon And Not Jayden " She Says Bout To Walk Away But I Punched Her. I Grabbed Her Hair Punching Her, Then I Banged Her Face On The Table Repeatedly. She Got Me All The Way Fucked Up. She Fell To The Ground With A Bloody Face. I Was Bout To Fuck Her Up Somemore But Someone Help Me Back. " Chill Ciara, She Already Fucked Up " Christina Says Still Holding Me Back. Jayden And Stephon Just Standing There, Shocked Ass Hell. I Was Too Mad To Laugh. Jayden Grabbed My Arm Basically Draggin Me Outside With Stephon And Christina Following Us. When We Got In The Car, The Whole Ride Was Silent. Damn Its Not Even That Serious.

When We Got Back To The House, Jayden Still Ain't Say Shit So I Followed Him Upstairs To His Room. " Why You Acting Like That ? " I Ask Sitting On The Bed. He Ain't Answer Me. " Jayden... " He Still Ain't Say Nothing. He Came Back In The Room With No Shirt And Basketball Shorts On, Layed Across The Bed And Turned The Tv On. Like Are You Really Serious ? I Got Up And Went To One Of The Guest Rooms. I Layed On The Bed And Sleep Soon Took Over.

Christina P.O.V

After Lala Got Her Ass Beat, Jayden Basically Dragged Ciara Out The Mall. I'm Like Wtf. Its Not That Serious. When We Got Home Ciara And Jayden Went Upstairs While I Went To My Room. I Went To My Bathroom And Took My Clothes Off When I Heard My Room Door Open And Close. I Figured It Was Ciara And Since I Had On Underwear And A Bra I Ain't Care If She Saw Me. I Tied My Hair Up And Walked Out But Stopped Dead In My Tracks. Stephon Was Laying On My Bed With His Hands Behind His Head Watching The Basketball Game. On The Inside I Was Happy Ass Hell But On The Outside I'm Confused Ass Hell Too. I Walked To My Closet And Find A Shirt And Some Cut Off Sweatpants. I Sit On My Bed And Look At Stephon. Does He Or Does He Not See Me ? " Stephon " I Say Looking At Him. " I Told You I Ain't Fuck With Her Like That But You Ain't Believe Me " He Said Not Taking His Eyes Off The Tv. I Can Feel The Tears Forming. " I'm Sorry " I Said Bout To Just Get Up And Leave. Wait Hold The Fuck Up, This My Room And My House. Stephon Looked At Me. " Come 'Mere " He Said. I Crawled Into His Arms, Letting Him Hold Me. As Soon As We Touched The Tears I Was Holding Back Fell. We Been Together For 2, Almost 3 Years. I Can't And I Won't Loose Him. " Ma Why You Crying ? " Stephon Asked. " I Feel Like I Fucked Up, I Shoulda Believed You But I Didn't. I Let Some Hoe Come Between Us And Im- " He Cut Me Off. Good Thing He Did Cause I Woulda Gave A Whole Speech. " Its Gon' Be Me And You Forever. None Of That Shit Matter Anymore So Stop Crying And Let It Go " He Said Wiping My Tears. " I Love You " I Said Looking Into His Eyes. " I Love You Too " He Said Back Kissing Me. No Lie I Got Weak When Our Lips Touched. For The Rest Of The Night We Just Cuddled Up And Watched Movies. This Is How It Suppose To Be. Fuck All These Hating Ass Hoes.


-Lala Gotta Learn

-Christina And Stephon Back Together

-Why Was Jayden So Mad ?

-Christina And Stephon Forever ?



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