Chapter 4

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When We Walk In The Gym Nobody Here Yet. So Me And Ciara Put Our Stuff Down And Start Stretching. " Have You Talked To Stephon " Ciara Asks Me. I Wish. I Shake My Head No. " Have You Spoken To Jayden ? " I Asked Her. She Sighs. " Yea But He Still Mad At The Fact That I Went To The Party. He Said He Shoulda Bugged On You But Stephon Already Did He Ain't Have To " Ciara Said. I Shake My Head. " You Gotta Admit, That Party Was Too Litt " I Say Laughing A Little. " Yea The Music Was On Point And The Liquor Was Good " Ciara Says Making Us Both Laugh. " Yea But I Don't Understand Why Would Someone Record Me, Then Send It Too Stephon Like What The Fuck, Who Do That Shit " I Say Getting Mad All Over Again. " Only A Jealous Ass Hoe Would Pull Some Shit Like That " Ciara Says .I Look At Her And She Looks At Me. " I Think It Was Lala " I Say. And It Probably Was Her. Ciara Stops Whats She Doing And Looks At Me. " We Gotta Talk " She Says. I Look At Her Curiously. Should I Be Scared Or Nah ?

Ciara P.O.V

I Was Stretching Out My Legs Talking To Christina. " I Think It Was Lala " She Says, Referring To The Person That Sent The Video To Stephon. I Swear I Stopped Breathing. As Her Friend I Have To Tell Her. I Stop What I'm Doing And Look At Her. " We Gotta Talk " I Say. She Gets This Scared But Curious Look On Her Face. I Take A Deep Breath Before Speaking. " StephonAndLalaFuckedAboutAFewMonthsAgo " I Said Really Fast In One Breath. She Laughed. " I Don't Understand What You Said " She Says Still Laughing At How Fast I Just Talked. " I Said Stephon And Lala Fucked About A Couple Months Ago " I Repeated Slower. The Smile That Was On Her Face Faded. " What ? How Do You Know ? " She Asks, Her Voice Getting Shakey. " I Overheard That Girl Tasha And Lala Talking About It, Lala Really Ain't Fucking With Us, She Sent The Video To Stephon And If You Don't Believe Me Ask Tasha " I Say. I Look At Christina And It Looks Like She Bout To Break Down. " So He Mad At Me For Dancing And Only Kissing Lloyd, But He Fucked My So Called Best Friend " She Says With Tears Coming Down Her Face. I Nod My Head Slowly. Then The Team Walk In. She Wipes Her Tears And Stand Up. " We'll Talk About This Later " She Says. " Okay " I Respond. I Feel Bad For My Babygirl.

As We're Learning The New Routine, Jayden, Stephon, And Lala Walk In. I Look At Christina And She Looks At Me. Hell No, This Bitch Is Almost A Hour Late. She Most Def Bout To Hear Christina Mouth. The Boys Head To The Bleacher And Sit While Me And Christina Walk Up To Lala. " Why You Late ? " Christina Asks. Lala Looks Christina Up And Down. " Bitch, I Had To Handle Business Like Who Tf Are You ? " Lala Asks With Hella Attitude. It's About To Go Down. " Look. Mehgan, I Don't Have Time For Ya Shit, I Don't Know What The Fuck The Problem Is But You Need To Fucking Solve It And Hoe I'm Christina Motherfucking Rivera, And Captain Of This Motherfucking Dance Team And I Will Kick Ya Ass Off In A Mintue " Christina Says. The Puerto Rican Coming Out Of Her And She Called Lala By Her Real Name. Lala Laughs. " I'm The Hoe But You Dancing And Kissing On Another Nigga When You Had A Man " Lala Says. Christina Looked At Me And I Backed Up. That's When Christina Punched Lala Dead In Her Face.

Christina P.O.V

Lala Laughs. " I'm The Hoe But You Dancing And Kissing On Another Nigga When You Had A Man " Lala Says. I Look At Ciara And She Backs Up That's When I Punched Lala Dead In Her Face. She Came Back And Hit Me A Couple Times In The Face But It's All Good. I Grabbed A Handful Of Her Weave, Banging My Fists On Her Face Repeatedly. She Started Hitting Me But Somehow I Got Her On The Ground And Started Banging Her Head On The Floor. This One Crazy Ass Girl Fight. She Yanked My Hair Hard As Fuck Just As I Was Pulled Off Her. " FUCK...STUPID ASS BITCH " I Yelled As I Kicked Her In Her Chest. When The Person Put Me Down I Realized It Was Jayden. " Yo What The Fuck Wrong With You ? " He Asked Me. I Ain't Say Nothing Cause I Was About To Punch Him Too. " I Know You Hear Me Talking To You ! " Jayden Says Raising His Voice And Again Still Wanting To Get Punched. " How About You Ask Stephon What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me, He Getting Mad Cause I Dancing With Another Boy But He The One The Fucked My So Called Friend So Stephon What The Hell You Mad For When I Should Be The One That's Fucking Mad " I Say Grabbing My Stuff And Leaving. This Is One Hell Of A Day.

Stephon P.O.V

What. The. Fuck. Yo Christina On Some Other Shit. I Don't Know What The Hell She Talking About. I Look Over At Jay And It Look Like He Ready To Kill Me. I Get Up And Go Outside To Find Christina. When I Find Her, She Standing By Her Car Crying. " Ma Why You Crying " I Ask Her. She Looks At Me And Roll Her Eyes Then Turn Her Back To Me. I Mean I Like That View Too. Lol Let Me Stop. " Leave Me Alone " She Says. Like Damn I'm Over That Whole Situation About The Party If That's What She Thinking But She Slowly Testing Me. " Christina What The Fuck Is Ya Problem ? " I Ask Raising My Voice A Little. She Turns And Looks At Me. Damn Don't Even Look Like She Was In A Fight. " Your A Liar.. You Said You Loved Me But You Dont, How You Gonna Sleep With My Friend, My Motherfucking Friend, Stephon I Swear I Can't Stand You " She Says. What. The. Hell. " Listen I'm So Confused Right Now, I Don't Know What The Fuck You Talking About, Me And Lala... Hell No, I Dont Fuck With Her Like That So Whoever Told You That Told You Wrong, You Really Think I Would Cheat On You ? After I Told You Its Only Me And You ? " I Asked Her. She Rolled Her Eyes. " Roll Em Again, I Dare You " I Said. She Sighed. " Look I Gotta Go " She Says Opening Her Car Door. I Look At Her For A Minute, Then Shake My Head. " So This Is It ? " I Ask Cause She Playing Games Right Now. She Aint Answer Quick Enough So Im Done. " Aiight Its Over Then " I Said Before Walking Away. Ion Got Time For All This Bullshit. When She Ready To Talk She'll Come Around.

Lala P.O.V

After Me And Christina Fought, I Put On Makeup And Went Over To Lloyd's Traphouse. I Walked In, Greeted A Couple People Then Went To His Office. When I Opened The Door, He Just Got Off The Phone With Someone. " Wassup " He Said Licking His Lips At Me. I Smiled. " I Got News " I Say. I Gotta Admit Lloyd Sexy A.f. Tall, Lightskin, Tattoos, Brown Eyes, Full Plump Lips. Lawd Help Me. He Looks At Me Waiting For Me Too Speak. " Well For Starters Christina And I Are No Longer Friends, We Fought, And She Single " I Say Happy As Hell. " Why You Telling Me This " He Says. I Looked At Him Like Wtf You Mean. " You Wanted Her Back Right " I Say Looking At Him. He Laughs And Stands Up. " Nahh Ma " He Said Before Walking Out. Are You Fucking Serious. Don't Tell Me I Fucked Shit Up For No Reason. Well I Guess I Can Go See Stephon.


-Lala Fucked Up ?

-Lala And Stephon ?

-Christina Beat Her Ass

-Christina And Stephen Are Over ?

-Lala Sneaky As Fuck



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