Chapter 7

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It was finally the day Takuma Ukosito and Saki Tobashi come to our school. You wouldn't believe the commotion outside. From outside the second story window Ushio could see reporters, big video cameras, paparazzi, and students, all on the front lawn. There were students all along the windows with Ushio looking at the action.

"This is going to be exciting." said Anami

Kachigawa and Anami walked up to Ushio, "This is so crazy isn't it?" asked Kachigawa

"I've never seen so many reporters together at once." said Ushio "There's got to be like fifty of them."

"Yup, well Takuma and Saki coming here is a big deal." said Anami "I just cant wait to see them."

The noise outside got louder, "Omigod, their here. THEIR HERE!" squealed a student next to Ushio.

A black BMW with extra tinted windows pulled up into the parking lot. The reporters raced to it to get a good shot of the new students. The principle and vice principle raced to the car and made their way through the crowd. The backdoor of the car opened and a big guy came out and made his way to the passenger side door. He opened it and out came Saki in the school uniform. The crowd got even crazier. They started pushing. Takuma ran from the drivers side to Saki's rescue. With the help of the principles and the body guards, the made it through the reporters and crazed school girls and to the doors. That was exciting.

"That Saki has some nice jugs on here, am I right?" said Norboru Kurosawa in all his dyed, spikey haired glory, "She is going to be my new challenge this year."

"How do you expect to woo a magazine model into going out with you?" asked Kachigawa

"Easy. Who could resist this face." he grinned "Even Ushio hasn't stopped staring at me since I got here.

Ushio pointed "That's because you have a huge booger peaking out of your nose." she said.

Norboru covered his nose eyes wide, "No way, are you serious? I talked to like five girls this morning and they didn't say anything." Ushio handed him a tissue "Sure they were laughing, but I just thought it was cuz I was funny."

"Well big brother its time to face the reality that to the girls in this school you aren't funny, you're just funny looking." said Anami

Norboru pretended to look wounded "Ouch, sister. That really hurts."

"What can I say. Its about time that your bragging about being a sex symbol to the world are over."

"What about you Ushio, do you think I'm pretty?" Norboru made a puppy dog face and that made Ushio laugh.

"Yeah I guess you're pretty enough." Ushio said still giggling

Norboru lifted his fists in success "Yes! My self-confidence is back!"

"Don't encourage him, Ushio." said Anami

"You're basically still just funny looking dude." said Kachigawa

Norboru slouched "Why are you guys so mean to me?"

"Its probably because you look like a clown with the red spike hair and really tan skin." said Anami "Just add a big red nose and the image will be complete."

"Chicks dig the hair." said Norboru pointing a finger at his sister "Do not even go there."

"Girls do like him." said Ushio "They say he looks like Yuji Sakamoto from Baka and Test."

"And that's a good thing?" Anami raised an eyebrow

"Yes its good, Yuji Sakamoto is a sexy dude." said Norboru with his fist tight

"He is considered good looking." said Kachigawa

"Yeah but he's an anime character."

"A sexy anime character." said Norboru

Then, the class bell rung. "We got to get to class." said Ushio taking Anami's hand

"Bye Anami Wasabi" said Norboru as he rubbed and messed Anami's complicated looking hairdo

Anami smacked his hand away and gave him a dirty look "Just because your an upperclassmen doesn't mean I wont kick your ass if you ever do that again."

Norboru laughed and patted Kachigawa on the back, "Lets go, man."

Anami shook her head in frustration, "I swear, his stupidity is toxic. I can't believe I'm really related to that."

Ushio pulled her arm "Come on."

"Is my hair messed up?"

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