Chapter 12: I'm an Orphan

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I can't believe this! Both of my parents are gone. Crap. I'm officially an orphan. I have no family. Except for Ky and Katrina.

I end up throwing a roll of toilet paper at the door. My teary face blinding me. I leave the bathroom leaving my phone and music. Music still going.


I can't find my way home. I'm lost. I don't want to believe the crap that my dad is gone. I just don't.



I'm still searching for my girlfriend. It's already midnight.

Then I'm suddenly spired away by a guy that is six years older than me. He says,"Are you Ky?"

" Yes. "

"Well I am your brother. My name is Avory. And I'm sure mom told me all about you."

"Actually, no. She didn't."

" So she didn't tell you she tried to kill me along with Jayden?"

"What? Wait repeat that."

"Well, Jayden and our mom are working together. When I was your age they tried to kill me. They thought they succeeded but they actually were tricked. Because I was a vampire with the ability to make as many of myself as I want."

" That means Myra is in grave danger.,"

Then I race of not thinking to explain who she was.

Avory called," Ky wait. Who's Myra?"


It's time. I teleported to Jayden, and his girl, Krystal. Then we all three teleported to Myra, leaving poor Myra's dad's body on the ground beneath us.

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