Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
P.O.V. of Luke
Where am I? I know I'm not in the park. I wouldn't wake up on a bed in the park. Stupid. What was the last thing that happened? Someone put something in my mouth. I saw Kylie. I ran to Kylie. Yup that's it. Wait Kylie. I felt my heart sink. I ran to Kylie. Was I dreaming about that? Maybe it was a random person a ran up to and they kidnapped me. Ughh. Maybe it was Kylie. I was high on something on Kylie. She is with Logan. She doesn't care about me. But I care about her. Maybe she would like me if she knew what Logan...
"Good morning Luke," I heard someone whispered. I jumped. I see Ashton. Thank God not a random person.
"Ashton? Is this your house?" If it is I need to compliment so comfy this bed is. I don'r want to get up.
"No. It's Alisha. You fell asleep on Kylie's shoulder. It was adorable and her face was turning red. She was also very quiet like she was enjoying the fact that you were near her again. But I don't know," Ashton explains. He has really big dimples. I do too, but not that big.
"Wait she liked it?" I face was turning red and I know it. Ashton nods his head. I heard light foot steps coming up. I see a little Alisha smiling at me.
"This bed is really comfy," I say as she walks in.
"Ooo I think Anna and Negin might freak out, but Kylie seems like a statue. It's hard to read her emotions right now. I think she is only hoping Logan doesn't decide to come," even she has dimples. The fact that Kylie doesn't want Logan here make me smile like an idiot.
"Are you hungry?" Ashton ask. My stomach growls a little.
"That's a yes. We better hurry before Anna eats all of the food," Alisha runs down the stairs and this time her foot steps were loud.
"I'm just warning you. They are going to ask you questions. Like the fight and why you fell asleep on Kylie's shoulder," Ashton stares into my eyes. Man, I have never seen him so serious.
"Thanks," I get out of bed and head out the room behind Ashton. We wall into the kitchen where there is a plate for me full of pancakes. I sit in the chair and start eating. It's the afternoon and I'm having pancakes.
"Aww can I have some pancakes?" Anna begs Alisha.
"Ughh fine," Alisha went to the fridge and started make some more for Anna. Anna started clapping and jumping.
"Hi Luke," Negin sits in the chair across of me. I don't know if I should be scared or not.
"Don't scare him," Kylie walked in the kitchen. I think she is struggling to not to freak out because she is shaking well her hands are. I felt my heart race 100x faster than normal. Kylie looked at me. I didn't realize I was staring at her. We locked eyes and started at each other for what seemed like eternity. It felt like I was home. Like this is suppose to work out between her and me. She looked away and didn't say another word. I finished my pancakes. Well everyone finished their pancakes and they all stared at me.
"What?" I'm confused.
"We have some questions," Anna says with a smiles. I stare at Ashton. He gives me an 'I told you so look'.
"Why did you fight Logan?" Kylie says all the sudden.
"He kinda said bad stuff about you. I got mad and punched him. I think you saw everything else," I look down at my hands.
"What about at the park?" Anna says.
"No that's not important," Kylie snaps. "What did Logan say?" Her jaw clenched. She might come back to me if I tell her the names.
"Just some random names," I didn't really want to tell her. I didn't want her to feel hurt. She looked down. Alisha pat her back and smiled.
"Well that's it," Anna sits back in her chair. I hope Kylie comes back to me.
"I should go," I say. I shouldn't make this awkward. I mean she does like Logan more. I get up from my chair. I head towards the front door.
"No wait," Kylie runs up to me. "Stay." I smiled. She wants me to be with her. She does care about me.

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