Chapter 11

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*Months pass*

Nicole's POV

Cheer season is over , football season is over. Now me an Dean are both running track.

I've pushed everyone away except Destiny , Zay , Dean , and Merci .

When it's track season all I focus on is running . Running the anger away , running the pain away . Another thing I do is clean or do my homework to calm myself down. In almost all my classes I have 100% I do my work and every extra credit assignment . In school it's like no one is around me .

I already have a bunch of scholarships because my grades are great and I'm a great athlete. It's to Nova SouthEastern university , FSU , FAU , UCF , FMU and more .

Merci was running to me after my meet . She sits with Dean's dad in the stands when Dean and I run ;we always come in first place . It was the last meet .

Dean's POV

My father is so proud of me ... I only have one month left till I graduate . I look in the stands and my mom was there cheering me on . I grabbed Nicole's hand and we got Merci from many dad and we said bye completely ignoring my mothers presence .

Nicole's POV

Merci said "Mommy I so proud you and daddy first place all time ." She clapped and giggled . Dean took us out to eat ; we went to Applebee's . Merci was coloring and Dean said "Nicole I want to honestly marry you ." I said "I wanna marry you too." Then Dean said "What college you going to ?" I said "I took the scholarship to Nova SouthEastern university it's close to Merci's school and it's for academics , track , and cheerleading ." Dean said "Me too I'm going for football." I got so happy. Dean said " Nicole can we have a baby ?" I said "Hell no not now ! You started school in fall semester I start in spring." He said "Exactly you start in spring which means you can have had the baby already ." I said "Okay." Merci said "Mommy have baby ? I baby !"

Our food came and we ate in silence except for when Merci would say things . Merci said "No space for baby me and mommy already share room WITH Sparkle." Dean said "We will get a new house." Merci's eyes got all big and she said "Yay !"

I put Merci in dance classes and she's a model. I love that she's confident . And boy does baby girl love the beach ! We go once a week , and Destiny comes with Mike.

Dean dropped us home and kissed me , before I closed the door he said "Babe please." I said "Come on then." He said "No it'll be special ." I said "Okay." And the I kissed him one last time .

-Will they really have a baby ??

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