Three words {Dan and Phil}

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The old clock ticked, his eyes darted side from side... Leaving tiny dents in the air.

Coughing awkwardly, clearing his throat from the killer silence. Beads of sweat slowly began to form on his hand. Slowly gliding his hand across the arm of the sofa in which he was placed apon.

To his friend that was sat opposite him it was like nails on a chalkboard.

"What..d.d..did you say?" a lump formed in his throat, what meant to be an instructing, powerful bark came out as a tiny, pathetic mouse squeak. Obviously he had heard what he'd said, but the everlasting silence was screaming to broke or maybe he just wanted to clarity what he'd heard.

Opposite him his friend stood up as though to stretch or make a quick exit. However, his innocent blue eyes got interlocked with the others lost boy brown eyes. He opened his mouth, took a deep, brave breath & said

"Well.. I said.. I love.. You"

He looked down, waiting to ate by the ground. Now it didn't seem like a good idea like it had an hour ago it became embarrassing and stupid & the look exchanged between the two eyes was gone and he was pretty sure it would never come back. Flushed red cheeks appeared.

The brown eyed boy got up and left the room, leaving behind the other boy who was now on the edge of tears.

Closing his bedroom door he looks around kind of scared of what the future would be. Hands shaking he walked over to the window unsure of what to do next, once at the window he stared out it. He picked up at a photo of the two of them that was on the window still. He knew those people didn't exist and they never could. The bubble that was once there friendship had been shattered. The only thing he could do was go.

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