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heyow. its been awhile not updating the story.

I was wondering if anyone reads this. ya know. its pretty typical. I know people stereotypes' this gangster thingy, but hey! part of this really happen! SWEAR! ♥

so here it goes.

Yshe POV

Snap. The most notorious student in the campus. He was famous for initiating gang wars, vandalism on the walls of the school and for being regular on visits with the school principal. Who would have thought that he is exemplary in his studies after all of what he has done?

Belonging to the cream of the crop class is not that easy. One must be able to maintain a grade not below 90 and must be qualified to enter to the prestigious rank of 50 students who outstands the rest of the batch. Grades are the basis. Violations are not counted.

And Edric is one of us now.

Edric. Kiel. Oh. My. Fudge.

At first, it was all cool because I can live without talking to him. Like, duh? I am Yshe Noran! My upbringing since first year high is consistent until third year high! But to be honest, I was hugely awed and impressed that he made it after all the circumstances. BUT. Big but. I wont dare getting close to him. I dont want trouble and I am running for honors. Who wants to befriend a gangster? I was discussing with my cloudy thoughts when I suddenly hear a chuckle right next to me.

It was him. Oh My Fudging Caramel! Why him?

I was so ashamed that he might think I'm crazy, talking to myself. So instead, I projected my sweetest smile and asked,

"Hi! I'm Yshe. What's your name?"

He looked at me as if he was about to swallow me. I saw his jaw clenched, as if he was about to say something. Then,  he smirked and looked away.

Ugh! Insert Face Palm here. I was so ashamed of myself. What have I done? I am so unfortunate that he is my seatmate plus! I embarassed myself infront of him. Ofcourse Yshe! Your question was stupid! You would have known that he is Edric! You belong to the same roster of names! Too much for friendliness with a varied mix of stupidity Yshe. Time to be be bitchy.

Edric POV

So cheers to my geeky seatmate! Yshe? Right? Right. How come people like her exist? I mean, she's all cute, but look! It does not compliment her seriousness in copying all the teachers said in the first day of classes! My entire remaining life in highschool would definitely suck!

Why am I even here? In this class? Why didnt I saw my name to the other classes? Why? WHY? I did all my best to scare everyone in the campus to be out of the radar of the "brainy" society.

As I saw my name in the top class, I want to smash every window there ever was! But it cant do anything good. For now.

So Plan B is to be rude and unaffected to all the happenings around me. I was keeping it all low as I enter their room, not even glancing to anybody because of their dirty stares. I was all good until I reached my seat and noticed Yshe saying crappy things with herself. I was about to laugh when she saw me. So it all came out as a chuckle.

She thought I forsee her as a laughingstock so she abruptly asked my name to cover her craziness. I was about to answer her when I noticed that her question is vague. Really, Yshe? You dont know the famous Snap? Hah! Stupid! So instead, I smirked. I thought it would scare her. It would definitely send chills to anybody. But her? She seems not affected to the aura I'm giving. One smirk from me, Boom! Any ordinary girl would be either afraid of me or falls for me. But Yshe was different. Far different.

I cannot concentrate to what the teacher is talking about because of the giggles and snorts I am hearing from her. She seemed to be the sunshine of the class who spreads good vibes and happiness. And I am entirely the opposite of her. I am all black. Dark and isolated.

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