"Jason, back away"



" N-o No."

I hiss at him. He jumps back and falls down about four branches. Allow me to explain, after scaring the shit out of everyone but my mates, They sent jason up to bring me down. I refuse because I am not going to hurt everyone.

'you're hurting two people! our mates '      my wolf snarls. Yeah, she isnt to happy with me. Oh well, stupid wolf. She Snarls And I Flinch As Another Headache Erupts. Damn Pup.

I open link up.  'Callie?'


'I will Go down,' I paused.


'I can't talk to them yet'


'I need to know what happened to me'

She pauses at that. My wolf is the only one who knows the entire story. She was there when everything went down.

'Fine' she mutters and goes into her little corner of my mind.

I grip a branch and swing down to the next. I hear my mates catch their breath. I take a deep one and continue my downward trek. I slip when I hear: "She's coming down!" from cade.

I think I screamed. I may have forgotten. I brace for impact but I only encounter arms and abs. Cade and Cabe Untangle me and I internally whimper at the loss of contact. Cade grabs me and smashes his lips on mine. I Respond then remember I cant talk to them. Shit, this will suck. I pull away and Grip my arms to my stomach. Pushing into wolf form I  link out for them not to follow me, i'll be back in an hour.


' So, what happened callie?'

'well you know how it happened from birth to six years yeah?'


'alright. When you were six, your parent went out on patrol and left you with your nanny, grita. Your pack was attacked. the dark night pack wanted all the females. your parents came back, saved you really, and grita. they took you to the border, of the Moon Bayers Pack.'

'this pack?'

'yes, now hush. They put you and grita on the territory and left a notebook for you. Grita took you to safety and the alpha brought her in for questioning. She was honest and explained it all.'

'what happened to grita?'

'Oh wait and it will be explained. This pack took the two of you in and raised you. Now grita, well I suppose you ought to know. Grita found her mate here but wasn't happy. she went back to the old Woodlands pack. Just needed to say goodbye, she said. She returned a few days later, scars covering her body as far as you could see. she wouldn't talk about it, not even to her mate. She told me awhile back about it. She had gotten into a scruff with some hunters. they beat her and she managed to kick a bit of ass, but they had her outnumbered by four to six.'

'what happened to the notebook?'

'oh grita has it'

'where is grita?'

'Cary, she's gone'

'she's dead?'

'Yes, but her mate is not. she gave it to him and he's buried it near here'

'oh! well lets find it!'

'in a moment'

'why wait? this could explain everything!'

'I know and it will but there's more'

'what is it?'

'Our mates decided to give us forty minutes'

'hell no'

My wolf chuckles a wolf thing laugh.

I turn around to see cade and cabe; who look entirely guilty.

" what the hell? "

"sorry, care-bear. I need you" they mutter

" I will be back in a little. go!"

" fine"

"Thank you"

they leave and my wolf and i Dig up the notebook.

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