Chapter 21

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Dedicated to my new Wattpad friend, Eve.. (YerFriendSmart) ily girl :3. Extra long chappie :)

Chapter 21
-Natalie's POV-
I was so tired so I went to bed. How was Robert not tired? It was a hell of a day. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and peed and went into the bedroom. I rolled into bed and pulled the covers up. I shut the light and went out like one.
Ahh, a new day. Wait what? It was still dark! I heard knocking on the door. I looked at the clock "3:27".
"Are you serious?" I muttered. I grabbed my baseball bat and slowly walked to the door. I looked through the peephole. I opened the door
"What on earth do you want.." I asked, rubbing my eyes.
"We wanted to visit!" Jerome exclaimed.
"It's 3:30 in the morning. Go back home," I muttered.
"So why are you sleeping?" Mat asked, walking into my house. I gasped.
"Why are you awake? It's fricking 3 in the morning," I moaned.
"We got bored," Mitch said.
"Go home!" I yelled. "Don't make me hit you."
"Okay fine," Preston said.
"No it's 'fine'! I'm wide awake now," I snarled, rolling my eyes.
"What on Earth?" Rob exclaimed, walking out of his bedroom.
"They wanted to visit," I sneered.
"G'night!" He said, walking back to his bedroom.
"Rob stay with us!" Jerome exclaimed. Rob let out an overdramatic sigh and sat on the couch, hugging a pillow.
"Let's play a game!" Mat cheered.
"Whaaaaaaat," I grunted.
"I am going to write dumb things and put them in a jar. Everyone will pick something and we will see who gets a dumb dare!" Mitch said, bringing the jar full of paper to the couch.
"Fine," Preston said, picking one. We all picked something.
"Okay! Mitch first!" He opened the paper.
"Okay... with every sentence I say I need to end it saying 'in my pants'," he laughed.
"Oh my gosh this is going to be horrible," he muttered. I picked next.
"Really. Just really?" I muttered.
"You will be tied to a person of your choice for 48 hours," I read. Who do I choose?
"I choose..." Who should I choose?
"Preston," I say.
"Yay!" He cheered in a girly way. It would be too awkward with Rob and I.
"What the hell?" Mat laughed reading his paper.
"Speak in third person for 48 hours."
"'Okay then!' Mat said," Mat said.
I heard a knock at the door. Who would be at the door this early? I grabbed my bat just in case and walked to the door. I looked in the peephole. "Oh my gosh," I think. I would have never guessed it was her.
"Eve!?" I cheer, opening the door.
"Hi Natalie!" She cheers, hugging me.
"You look so different!" I compliment. Her long black hair turned into a short and cute black hair. I was always jealous of her eyes. Her eyes were a gorgeous hazel-brown color. They always changed to a beautiful green color in summer and a hazel-brown color in the winter. Her skinny, unhealthy body became a healthy, gorgeous body. She looked full (good way). I welcomed her in.
"So everyone.. This is my best friend Eve. Eve this is Jerome, Mat, Rob, Preston, and Mitch!" I said. They all said hi. I looked towards Mat and his eyes went big on her. Ooooooooh. ;)
We finished the game and I grabbed an apple and cut it up for myself. We were all wide awake now. We were all acting drunk, meanwhile we were not. I was now tied to Preston. He was my bestfriend. Since we haven't talked in a while, we talked for a bit. We got back to the old friendship right away. We recorded a parkour video with Mitch and Rob. It was really fun. Afterwards, I went on my Xbox and played some minecraft on that. I was getting a bit bored of the PC, so I switched to xbox. They updated it with carpets, ender chests, anvils, and so much more.
"Cut me an apple please?" Mitch asked, while turning the controller on.
"Sure," I said, walking into the kitchen. I washed the apple and started to cut it. One slice. Two slice. Three.
"Ahhhhhhhh, sh*t!" I cursed, grabbing a paper towel.
"What happened?" Rob asked.
"What the heck do you think happened with a knife and an apple?" I said meanly. I honestly didn't mean it, but it hurt. I raised my bloody finger and Rob and Eve ran over to me.
"Oh my gosh!" Rob gasped. It was cut open. Wow, great. If I hadn't woken up, this wouldn't have happened.
"Aaaaaammmhhhh," I moaned. This hurt badly. I gave Eve my finger to wrap. My hand was shaking uncontrollably and the blood was in a pool on the floor. Eve cleaned my finger and wrapped it with a bandage. My finger hurt so badly. There was blood still on the floor. After she bandaged it, I cleaned up the blood. Rob offered to clean it, but I did.
"Don't I need to go to the hospital?" I asked.
"Nope. I work at a hospital. I know what to do anyways," Eve explained. I nodded. Rob left the room, I don't know why, and Mitch came over to me.
"Okay, now you get to be tied to Preston," Mitch said, tying Preston's string onto my wrist. Now we were tied together.
"I gotta pee," I whined.
"I can wait outside," Preston said. We walked to the bathroom and he waited outside. I did my business and then he went.
"Ugh how are we supposed to shower?" I whined.
"Together," Mat laughed. We both frowned.
"No," I muttered, shaking my head. Since it was 4:37 now, we went to bed.
Where the hell am I? I am suddenly screaming. I pinch myself.
This isn't a dream.
I find myself in a dark, white room and I'm tied to a chair. I am in my pajamas and my hair is hanging down my back. Who did this? I look to my left. There is a table with a knife and a gun. To my right, there is complete darkness. The rope is burning my skin.
"Who's there!?" I yell, hearing faint footsteps.
"I'm not scared! Show yourself!" I scream now. The footsteps got closer. The figure showed itself. I was sweating. This wasn't a joke. What was he going to do? Kill me? I finally make out the face. It is someone I would have never guessed.
"What on earth do you want?" I snarl, wiggling myself to make the rope looser.
"What the hell!" He screamed. "Your mother made a mistake of creating you! It was all a mistake!"
Don't let him bother you, I thought. He is only trying to hurt you.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"You are a fricking failure! You know that?" He yelled, grabbing the knife.
God, Rob, where are you?
"I am not!" I reply, angerly.
"Creating you was the worst mistake of our lives! You were a mess! You would always cry and cry and cry! It drove us crazy! Your mother killed herself because of you!" He yelled.
"Well, I wouldn't be here if you can keep your dumb ass hands off of each other!" I snarled. He didn't speak. He grabbed his knife and ran the sharp edge up my neck. I winced.
"There you go... Being tortured, like you did to us," he replied.
"I FXCKING HATE YOU!" I screamed, my face turning red.
"Back off!" I hear someone scream. Rob!?
"Who the hell is this!?" My dad exclaimed.
"Why the hell do you care?" Rob said, sarcastically.
"Because this is my daughter," he said.

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