kiki and i hung out at starbucks today by the park

it's actually my first time i feel like an alien but kiki ordered for me

wat a nice friend i love her she's so pretty and tall and all.. perf

she's like my best friend

but wait...



"Wanna do homework?" she asked. she's really smart valedictorian but she cant top my math skills

Suddenly i heard bells

like legit bells

and there she was...

the vicious Alma Bells.

Alma Bells is a senior in our school she's popular and all with her eyebrow game and she's dating Cain Sapples. The brother of Abel Sapples who's apparently the boyfriend of Powi Fersec, some russian girl. Cain's the maternal half-brother of Clara. Eve used to be married to this man named Adam Sapples but it didn't work out. ANYWHO, Alma Bells is best friends with a dude named Hyan Riga some asian negrito who makes YT videos. (SHE'S SECRETLY CHEATING ON CAIN WITH HYAN. SLUTTT.) So yeah she's vicious and she has this weird photography blog named "Alma Matters" which is really weird cos medjo kapal cos u think u matter news flash u dont ur just some senior with nice eyebrows and a lot of facebook likes u lil nigga just because ur swimming varsity it doesnt mean u matter.!!! And she's so weird she fuckin wears bells on her ankles like bell anklets and bells on her head and bells on her belt and bells as bracelets so people can acknowledge the fact that she's near. UM OK im sorry im a h8r she bullied me in the 4th grade she told people to give me a wedgie

"Hey Patrice, and Kiki!" she's good friends with kiki thank God kiki's a kind-hearted girl. i think the starbucks people fear her cos she got her order without even ordering yet. and they didn't even charge her....

So she was like "Omg so patrice, i need ya!" she has this weird accent she sounds like a doorbell

and i was like "whaat" ... do u want from me

"I'm making this new video on my new youtube channel, it's called: Alma Matters! and i need you to be there because we know you're cool!"

I was so kilig cos a cool girl like alma asked me to be part of her video! she's not vicious anymore!

Her posi started laughing when I said yes im scared....

And kiki started laughing with them...

is kiki a demonyo?


authors note:

sorry ewan isn't in this chapter but ya he will be in the next one... ;)

and this chapter sucks but ya tam didnt post hre other one so

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