Falling comf'tably

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Xean led milcah to his house. He don't want to waste more time to walk so he took the shortcut but he is not really used in passing there. He forgot that the people in that street were radical and always having fun to the extent of harm on other people especially on girls that are not familiar to them.

While walking on the street.

Xean was walking fast so that he could change already and start working for his project. All he is thinking that time is how to hasten their work and lessen unexpected things to happen. He is completely unaware of the group of boys before them strangely looking at them. Looking at milcah.

Milcah got intimidated when she saw this group of boys who are clearly interested to her. One of the boys tried to get close to them and followed them as they walk.


Xean didn't notice it. But milcah was aware of it then she ignored it.


Milcah then get closer to xean, She was now afraid.

As they get in an alley the boy signaled his fellow and they followed.

Milcah can hear the footsteps of these boys and she was trying to determine how many are they, Four? Five? no Seven she thought. Oh only three. Ah I don't know. She thought.She was more afraid and was worried about xean's condition. Then she hold his hand.


Xean still wasn't aware of what was happening and he just got back to his senses the moment she hold his hand. He felt the stress from her hand, He felt her worry and fear. That made him cautious of what was happening.

Xean pulled her closer to him, and milcah hugged his right arm as if she really know xean.

Together they walked down the narrow alley, then one of the boys tried to catch up to milcah's hand.

Milcah felt that boy's hand but she instinctively pulled her hands giving xean an alarm of danger, but she didn't expected what xean did next.

Xean turned and stretched his arm to take aim. When he saw the boy's head he launch his arm with his fist closed to the boys left jaw knocking down the boy face down.

MIlcah's fear grew a lot more. Not because of the boys but she saw xean's eyes. She never saw an eye like that. She can clearly see an eye that is full of anger, and power. She saw his eyes while releasing his wrath to the boy.

Blood came out of the boys mouth as he look on xean's angry eye's. the boy was terrified.

Xean turned to milcah,  and grabbed her hand. Then she felt secure instantly and they took another step when he heard another guy gush to them. Xean then pushed milcah through his body and was able to dodge the boys attack. Nobody can see what xean really did, but all of them know that he just dodge the attack.

Then Milcah got more terrified when she saw the boy kneel down and crouch in pain. It's like something hit his solar flexus. Milcah can see how much pain the boy was suffering then she looked at xean as he utter some words that she can't barely recognize.

Xean then turned to the last boy and said, If you're going to attack me be sure that I will not be able to stand up again or else you'll see a doctor.

The boy was stunned and wasn't able to move.

Xean then put his right hand around milcah's shoulder.

Milcah was shocked about what she had witnessed. She could remember the first time she looked at the boy's face like he was an innocent boy, harmless boy, a face just like a little boy. But now she saw the same person but with a different eye. An eye that was terrifying. An angry eye that protected her.

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