Task 3: The Arenas: Everybody

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The Entries are all mixed up, since there were no Tributes and Districts, but I put them according to the firsts ones who send it to me! I didn't had the entries of everyone but the one who did got 1 free point for one of their tributes.

(Ex: @MockingjayGirl100 was the first, so I put her entry first, @Mossfern was second, so I put her entry second....)

1. @MockingjayGirl100

My name is Hope Richmond who is getting to take part in the 100th Hunger Games as head game maker.  I wasn't sure if I was going to get picked for it always had been a dream of mine.  Plus I was being picked with several highly other talented people, that I was for sure I was going to have no chance.  Though I was totally qualified for the job for I have studied Ineterior design since I came right out of high school and studied day in and day out.  Where I found myself not even sleeping for days to making sure no stone would be left unturned or any small image could be forsaken.  For perfection was a must as well as creative.  

  However thankfully to President Silveria she made the right desicion.  Once I was picked for this I thought about the legendary game makers from the past who did extordinary things.  From poisoned berries, to making an actual arena looking like a clock was PURE GENIUS!  But then I thought some were just so bad and should have never been even made.  But as I was reaserching the past arenas something occured to me that no other game maker had done before....for they all had one set standared of an arena.  So after turning off my t.v off late that Friday night I went to my drawing board and went into deep thought.  Again just as if I was in college I stayed up all night planning the tinest of details to this years arena.  By morning I was finishing up the last details for I knew Pres. Silveria  was needing me to have a layout of the arena by noon.  Quickly as i glanced at the clock I had only a hour before she would arrive.

  "Shoot! I gotta clean myself up!"  I had pastel pens/ colored markers even paint all over my hands for really I couldn't even see my actual golden tanned skin with all the colors I had on me.  Quickly though I wiped some of it off of a paper towel that rested beside my desk so that I could adjust colors really quick from my paint brushes.  I had planned on hopping in the shower but found I had no time so I quickly just ran my hands through the sink and washed my face up.  I didn't realize I went so fast that I mangaged to get soap in my eyes.  "Ugh really?"  As I try to wipe my tearful eyes onto my hand towel resting by my black bathroom sink.

By the time my front door chimend I had just finished getting on a tight black dress that tightened throughout my tiny 5'5 figure.  "Good afternoon Pres. Silveria, please come in!"  I smile brightly to the President as to show her I was very confidant that I am prepared for anything she may ask me or what she may see of my work. 

"Thank you...so if I may say so already do you have a general thought or ideas as to what you want to show me for this years games?"  Silveria was hardly a few feet in my apartment when she spoke up.   Closing the door behind me I lead her to my drawing desk where my ideas were scattered all over the place.

Merring in closer to my room a study of a glare drew Silveria in.  "What's this? I'm a bit confused."  

I figured right away that she WOULD be confused because of the different vibrant colors and images that contained on each different page.

 "Well I thought you may say that and actually I had HOPED you would say that.  Because all these images you see here are actually a one set stage."  I say as I pull out a picture of a grassy meadow with a small creek streaming by with another one of a hot blazing beach with an ocean like view in the other hand.

"So what your saying is it's not a one set stage instead you have come up with two seperate enviorments."  Silveria says as she takes one of the drawings from my hand and sits on a wooden chair.

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