Ebony get ready for school it's 6:27 and you're gonna get left by the bus

Mom why can't I just take my car to school

Honey you ask me this all the time...you know exactly why you can take your car

Ughh whatever damn

What did you say smart ass

Nothing mama

Oh I'm sorry guys I forgot to introduce my self. Well as some of you may know my name is Ebony Domonique Summers. I stand at about 5'1 150 pounds, I know what your thinking is she thick or fat well if you must no I'm very thick. I have a DD cup size, I have ass for days, big thighs, and a very flat stomach. My mom, brother, and friends tell me I'm beautiful and that i look like a goddess, but I think I look like a hungry hippo well that's atleast what I get called at school. I don't understand this shit a boy would rather have a hoe who has no ass or boobs, has nappy stank weave in her hair talk shit all the time and look like she never washes her ass instead a thick girl that is respectful, who is intelligent, very pretty and knows how to carry herself but no. Mama always told my brother every thing that glitters or shines ain't gold.

(Guys an image of how ebony is shaped is on the side in the media)

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