Chapter 8

Everyone looked at each other. Whoever did this was probably already gone. Every expect the killer thought.

“Where’s Jason?” Taylor asked looking around the room.

“The last time I saw him, he was in the hall.” Alyssa said looking towards the door. Robert slowly walked towards the door. When he looked back in the bedroom he had a deadpan look on his face.

“He’s dead.” Robert said. Alyssa played with a lose string on her hot pink shorts.

“This is my fault, if I didn’t make Phil mad, he wouldn’t be dead. And maybe none of this would have happened. Everyone looked at Alyssa.

“The only person’s fault this is the killers Alyssa, not yours.” Taylor said putting a comforting hand on Alyssa’s shoulder.

“You mean Robert’s.” Adam said slowly looking Robert straight in the eyes.

“I didn’t murder anyone.” Robert said taking a step towards Adam with a dangerous look in his eyes. Adam was about to say something when the lights came back on.

“I guess we’ll find out when I call the cops.” Taylor said taking out her IPhone again. Taylor was able to press the nine and the one before Robert stopped her by knocking the phone out of her hands.

“Taylor, this is how it works, the least suspected person is always the killer.”

“But that’s in movies Rob, this is real life.” Alyssa said.

“Alyssa please, you have to believe me.” Robert pleaded.

“I don’t think I can Rob.” Alyssa said. The room grew silent.

“I have an idea on how we can figure this out.” Adam said walking down the stairs.

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