~ Yn~

Its such a lovely hot day again , i love this weather it makes me happy, barbecue was probably the best day out ive had for a while. After the barbecue beau walked me back home as it was pretty dark and late and nowadays you cant be too sure what could happen.

Anway he walked me home and just before he was about to say something i slammed the door in his face and for some reason im now feeling so guilty that it was probably something really important so i texted him as soon as i got up to say sorry about last night.

He didnt reply for a while so i got most of my packing undone and been to the shops and back , im thinking about redecorating this house so it feels more like me than my mum, my mum has really bad interior ideas.

I got a text back from beau as he wants to come round to talk again, but somehow i have nothing left to say to him , i want it to go back to the way it was before i left but i some how dont think it will if im being honest, trust is such a hard thing to earn again.

I walk out to the back yard to set up a little picnic area for us atleast it will just be the two of us well hopefully. I run back in to get ready im not going to put alot of effort in its just a chat , so i put on my floral dress on with some diamonte flipflops with my hair up in a high pony tail.

I hear someone shout hello from downstairs but it wasnt beau's voice. it was a girls voice.. ok im confused im sure a burgular wouldnt just walk into my house shouting hello.. i slowly start walking downstairs when i see a tall slim figure standing in my livingroom.

Yn: Who are you and what are you doing in my house?

??: Calm down pet im harmless, ive been sent here by your precious boyfriend.

Yn: oh so you are skylar.

Oh great shes beautiful damn! i look like a mess standing here in what it looks like an old womens dress while shes got the most wonderful shaped body so she could pull off anything and everything.

Skylar: You got that right now lets get this over and done with.

Yn: well i wasnt there so you will have to tell me? all i know is you sent me direct messages from beaus phone , with you lying there beside him naked, so you could start by explaining why you were in his room maybe?.

Skylar:First of all i didnt fly all the way over here to be spoken to like a worthless piece of crap, i came so you and beau could move on with your lives.

Yn: Go on..

Skylar: well lets go and sit outside i need to top up on my tan, while speaking.

What the heck.. shes so full of herself seriously.. im really disliking her already and she has only been here 2 minutes jeez!

Skylar: Ok so i guess ive probably ruined things with you and beau right, well that was my plan looks like i succeed but it wasnt until he phoned me the other night crying down the phone telling me how much of a silly bitch i was and just how much ive ruined everything so you could probably call me the heart breaker anyway i went to their party in la because all of my friends were i mean i didnt know who they were i just loved a party anyway i arrived and instantly i was hooked on beau , i saw him texting away with such a huge smile on his face that i was jealous, because i wanted to be that girl he only smiled at so i thought maybe i could be if i just destroy everything that makes him happy which was you..

Yn: Wait a minute you thought if you destroyed everything that made him happy , it would make him fall for you, how on earth does that work , its only going to make him hate you even more.

Skylar: well i thought id be the only one who would like him so he wouldnt have much choice to fall for me.

AHHHHH!!! someone get her out my fricking house before i actually lose the plot seriously what on earth is wrong with her. shes lost it.. someone take her and lock this weirdo up thanks.

Skylar: anyway i popped something into his drink to make him so drunk that he would probably think i was you and fall for me... but he didnt... he started crying for you in my ear so i just got naked for the sake of it so when he woke up he would feel guilty and think we did something but hey ho thats all i came to tell you my flight is in a couple of hours.

No no no why why why why why!!! Ive been such a bitch to beau , ignored everything he said yesterday at the barbecue because i thought it was all a lie and now everything is cleared up i need him to come round or shall i go see him.. what do i do..

Yn: Get out my house.

Skylar: Excuse me.

Yn: you heard me please leave i have absolute nothing to say to you but you need to be locked up you are an absolute creep why on earth would you do that , destroy someone else's happiness.. infact thank you actually because now im going to make sure i make him even more happy and we will probably be more stronger now than ever before.. Now take you and your implants back to la thank you.

Skylar: im all real honey dont be jealous.. you know beau will get bored of you some how.. and will probably end up looking for someone else who is more fun and someone who wont get him shot by their crazy ex.


Skylar: you heard me now you are just an immature bitch get out my face.

I wasnt going to hit her she will get locked up one day for her crazy ideas i watch her walk off like she was on some sort of cat walk laughing. when i heard her talk to someone. I see beau run over to me..

Beau: Yn are you ok , what did she say, do you hate me even more, whatever she said to twist things nothing is true.

yn: Im so so sorry.

I look up to beau and place both of my hands on the side of face as i go in for a kiss. i just needed to feel his kiss again ive missed it so much... but he didnt kiss me back for long. he pulled away.

Beau: Please dont kiss me after what i did to you, im the one thats sorry.. massively sorry.

Yn: See thats where you are wrong she told me everything , you never slept with her , she did it so in the morning you would think you had done something, but you didnt instead you cried for me.. i should of believed you after all this time but i didnt because i was so stupid.

Beau: you have no idea how much that makes me happy to know i didnt do anything. i wouldnt blame you for thinking i did do something wrong. i always let you down but i promise this time everything is going to go back to normal because im going to stay with my promise.

Yn: whats your promise..

I see beau pull me in for a hug when he whispers in my ear '' to never let you go''

he then looks so deep in my eyes and all i see in his so much hurt and love he has the most beautiful eyes.

Yn: Can i have my best friend back.. ive missed him. i dont think ive cried so many tears over a boy before so you must be special.

Beau: ive always been your best friend so you dont need me back because ive always been beside you.. ive never stopped loving and caring for you.

Yn: i need to ask you something beau.

Beau: of course anything.

Yn: i dont bore you do i.

Beau: what made you think that.

yn: and you wont leave me for someone prettier and more fun would you.

Beau: whatever skylar put in your head is a lie no i wouldnt leave you for someone better because i dont think there is anyone more better than you , you certainly dont bore me so i promise you i wont.

I hugged him but he pulled again once again and oh crap here comes those butterfly feelings and fireworks he kissed me and it was just so beautiful. think ive gone all jelly.




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