Chapter 30

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A/n: It's now the week before Christmas in the story. Alexis will be turning 21 and the tour is on break until January 21. All my outfits described are on my polyvore ilovemahone9. Comment share and vote

I wake up the next morning. December 18th I need to get Luke's present today. I look over at the clock 9:45. Chelsea should know what to get I'll ask her at work today. I send her a quick text "Hey I need help today I'll let you know later."

I get out of bed and change into my clothes for work. Not bothering taking a shower because I took one last night. I check over my tan colored skinny jeans, my red crop too and oversized cardigan. Perfect. I slip on a pair of socks grab my white vans and head back downstairs.

I grab a granola bar and a lemon like Gatorade from the fridge. I throw it in my purse grab my phone and charger and head out to my car.

30 minutes later

I'm walking through the mall on the way to pacsun. I walk in automatically Chelsea bombards with a "What do you need help with?" "I haven't gotten Luke's Christmas present and I don't know what to get him." "Well, What does he like?" "Penguins, batman, nirvana. The list goes on." "Well I don't know." "Ughhh. Why is it so complicated."

The whole day I devote my wandering thoughts of what to get Luke. Finally it hits me. I'll get his mom and my mom to send old pictures they have of us, and the hundreds I have I'll make it into a huge album. I need to get him something else but I had that figured out already. I head to the employee room grab my things and sign out.

"Bye Chelsea! I'll see you on New Year's. By the way you're still coming to my party right?." "Yes. I can assure you Alex and I will be there." "Okay bye." "See ya later." I pull out my phone and ring Luke's mom first.

"Hello?" "Liz!" "Alexis? Is that you? I haven't heard from you in ages." "Yea sorry about that." "No problem. So why'd you ring? Not to be rude." "Well for Luke's Christmas present I'm making an album of photos of us and I was wondering if you could send me some?" "Absolutely! I have tons laying around."

"Okay. I'll send you my address later I'm about to leave work." "Alright sweetheart. Tell Luke to call me when you see him please." "Absolutely. Alright bye Liz." "Goodbye Alexis." Now to call my mom. I figure I'll call her once I get home.

I stop by Madison's hair salon to see if she's there. Looking through the glass door I see it's closed. Bummer. I call her in hopes of her answering. Shooee is lost when it goes to voicemail. She's probably with Calum so I shake it off.

I stop by In-N-Out that's across the street from a bunch of shops. I park my car and look to the right to see Luke with someone. She looks like Gemma. I think he noticed me because he ran with the mysterious woman. Ouch I hope he's not cheating on me.

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