harry's p.o.v

i couldn't remember anything. the pain was to unbarearable. the girl next to me was so beautiful with stunning grey eyes. i tried to remember if i knew her, but failed miserably. my mind kept screaming  MATE,MATE,MATE. she tried to get close to me but i shied away.i knew she wasn't gonna hurt me, but i was terrified i would hurt her. i looked at her as she tried to come close to me. i whimpered and i looked down at my claws. she put her hand on my shoulder, calming me down. i looked at her and she smiled. i pull her in for a hug. i wrap my arms protectively around her. she lays her head on my shoulder. suddenly, i start feeling more human. somehow, i was completely calm with her, and then, i heard growling and howling.

niall's p.o.v

we ran to the abandoned building and burst threw the door. i went to go look for harry and tori while the others attacked the leaches. i look out of the corner of my eye and saw him,shaun. he ws alive. i get into fighting position,growling. zayn looks over at shaun at tackles him. i get up and went to one of the rooms. i shifted back to my human form and  i tried to open it. i heard whimpering on the other side. it had to be harry. i knock the door down and sure enough,it was with tori holding him tightly. he whimpered and tried to get away. i looked at him and i was confused. he was in his human form but he was behaving like a wolf. i saw his yellow eyes and it hit me. his mind still believes he in his wolf form.this isn't good. i walked over to them and he whimpers louder. he rips away from tori's arms and goes to the darkest corner. tori walks over to him, trying to calm him down.

"harry,its ok. its just niall. he's one of your friends, remember."

what happened to him?"

"i don't know, he shifted  last night and the vampires took him. they branded him." i look over and see a v burned in to his skin.

"he wouldn't stop howling or whimpering. and when they brought him back in here, he woke up like this." she finished as she held out her hand for harry. he grabs it and walks towards her. Louis and Liam run in, still in their wolf forms. Harry started whimpering and hid behind tori. Louis and the rest of the lads stared at him with a confused look on their faces. They shift back to their human forms.

"what happened to him?" Louis asked.

"its a long story." tori says. She told them everything that happened last night. They looked at harry with concern, while he was clinging to tori. He was acting like a puppy. Louis looked confused, as if he had never seen this happen to one of us before.

Louis p.o.v

I didn't know what to do. Harry was behaving like a newborn wolf but he's in his human form. I was confused. We had leave. We knocked out the vampires, but they could wake up at any moment. Harry stood beside tori, licking a scratch on her face. She smiled.

"we have to leave, now. Zander is waiting for us at the catacombs." I told them. They nodded and starting rushing out the door. As soon as we got outside, we shifted and tori got on my back. We started running to catacombs. I was hoping that zander is waiting for us there. And more importantly, I hope harry and tori will be ok.

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