Knockout round 2

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I was pretty nervous now because there was very strong singers in the team now and I had to sing first.

    I walked on to stage and Will gave me a thumbs up as I looked over. I smiled, I had more confidence now, knowing he was supporting me. I started to sing then when I was finished I had to walk and stand with the other people on the team to watch and listen to them.

    When everyone had sang we had to stand in a row so Will could pick the three who are going to the final. He picked a girl called Shannon, a man called Mitch and then he looked me dead in the eye and said my name. I couldn't console myself, tears began to fall, happy tears obviously and he got up and hugged us all. Wishing us luck.

    When we left I couldn't stop smiling or talking about it. Everyone was so proud of me.

     I walked to the hotel and picked Evan up.

“Guess what baby? Mummy's going to the final" I hugged him gently and fed him then sat on the sofa with him in my arms.

     We decided to go out to eat at a restaurant the next day to celebrate and we were all still excited and everyone was asking what I was going to sing but I wouldn't tell because I wanted to keep it secret.

I know I'm pushing the story on a lot but I'm wanting to write a one direction and vamps fanfic soon so if you like them please read it. I appreciate it :-)

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