Meeting Jeff

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I sat on my bed listening to music while finishing some math homework that was really starting to numb my brain. Eventually I dozed off in the middle of doing it. Everything was fine until the feeling of being watched came over me. I peeked one eye open but saw nothing so I just turned over. "You know your kind of cute when you sleep." My eyes shot open to face a pair of wide eyes. "Well hey there."

I screamed to the top of my lungs trying to push whatever this was away from me. I managed to make him fall off my bed. I looked up when I saw my parents open the bedroom door,my dad holding his huge baseball bat. "(Name) what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Do they not see the thing on the floor?But when I looked down, he saw he wasn't there. "I ,um, guess I just had a really bad dream." Their faces calmed a bit. "Would you like to stay in our room for tonight?" "No I'm good, thanks guys." They smiled and shut the door.

"Well your parents seem nice." He was back but on the foot of my bed. I was about to scream again but he put his hand on my mouth. "How about you not do that? Now I'm going to move my hand from your mouth. Just know that if you scream I have knives in my jacket right now that would be happy to shut you up. Do I make myself clear?" I nodded my head slowly and he moved his hand.

"Hey, your that guy from my dream." He smirked. "Wow first time meeting you and you're already dreaming about me." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. You can already tell he has a major ego. "Anyways, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me. You are going to be my new proxy." "Okay one why the hell would I go anywhere with you and two what's a proxy."

He groaned. "Sweetie you obviously have no idea who I am do you?" I shook my head. "Alright for one thing my name's Jeff as in Jeff the Killer." "Whoa, wait a second, you're Jeff the Killer...... You're actually kind of cute compared to that picture on the website." He blushed but then gave me a confused look. 'What web-, nevermind getting off track here, look all I need you to know is that I need you to become my proxy because we need your help in fighting something so evil it makes the devil look like a saint." "Well what if I refuse to come with you." He pulled out a knife and held it to my throat. "They don't call me killer just for my looks."

I left a note on my bed basically telling my parents I ran away and followed Jeff out my window. "You didn't even give me a chance to pack." "We'll deal with that crap tomorrow, right now I just need to get you to the mansion."I followed him into some woods. Geez this is like something out of those old school horror movies. When he finally stopped walking I looked up. I couldn't see anything.

"Jeff where is it?" He chuckled a bit. "Do you really think we would leave a huge mansion filled with killers visible to everyone?" He handed me a ring. "Here just put this on." Once the ring got slippd on a huge mansion appeared right in front of us. "Ain't it pretty."

The first thing I saw was a group of kids in the living room area,most of them were from my school. Jeff led me to them. "Stay here for now." When he walked away one of the kids turned to me. I think her name was Kaylee. "Hey you're in my history class!" "Hehehe yup, at least now we don't have to worry about that huge test on friday huh?" 'Yeah, so uh do any of you guys know exactly why we're here?" She shrugged. "Not really, we were each told by one of the creepypasta's that they needed our help, so most of us agreed. Those who didn't well..." She pointed across the room to a pile of bodies. I gasped. "Don't worry, they're just unconscious." "Oh that makes it so much better."

After talking for a few minutes, a booming voice went through the room. "SILENCE!" We all looked up to a tall man wearing a suit that fitted him a little too well for his height. He looked down on us, at least I think he was, he didn't have any eyes....or a face. "Now then, welcome to our mansion. This is a great honor to be here so I expect each of you behave properly during your stay. Anyways, as you all know you were chosen by my allies to become their proxies. The reason for this is because we need all of your strengths to aid us in the battle against Lord Zalgo." Everyone started murmuring. Was I the only one who didn't know who this guy was?

When he was finally done talking we were all sent to our.... masters, I guess? Jeff took hold of my hand and led me to his room. I don't think he's heard of this thing called spring cleaning. "So where am I supposed to sleep? On that pile of knives?" "Well if you want, but you could sleep in the bed with me." I blushed a bit making him laugh. "Oh don't tell me you're uncomfortable with this?" I glared at him. "N-no!" "Well then come on!" He tosse me an oversized T-shirt. "You can sleep in this if you want, I'll be in bathroom." I waited until he was gone to change. The shirt only made it right below my ass. I curled up on his bed wondering how the hell I even ended up here.

He came back out wearing only a pair of boxers. "What are you looking at?" I blushed and looked away. "You know when you blush it's kind of adorable right?" This only made me blush harder. "Well get some rest we got a lot of training to do tomorrow." He layed down next to me. "Night (Name)." "Night Jeff." He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Funny, I thought he burned those things off? Whoever did his bio was definetely off on some things.

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