Preference # 27: He leaves and comes back

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"Are you kidding me?" He shouted. "I’m sorry Michael, I was cleaning and it fell to the floor." I accidentally dropped his xbox to the floor while cleaning this morning. "God you’re so stupid Y/N. You never do anything right!" He yelled. "Don’t call me stupid you asshole, I’m not the one who dropped out of school." I shot back. "At least I’m not a liar bitch." He said. I slapped him, his face was red of anger. "Fuck off Y/N." He said leaving the house and slamming the door. I tried everything for hours to make the xbox work again but having no success. I sat on the floor with the xbox between my arms, I didn’t expect Michael to come back any time soon, so this was my last memory of him. Suddenly, the door opened and it was Michael, he found me crying with the xbox on my hands. "Baby." He groaned. He took the xbox, tossed it to the floor and hugged me. "I tried to fix it Michael but I just won’t turn on." I cried. "Shh don’t cry baby I don’t care about that damn shit. I can get another one, but if I lose you I will never get someone like you again." He hugged me tight. "But I ruined you xbox Michael." I sobbed. "You’re more important than a damn xbox. You were right Y/N I’m an asshole, I’m a shitty boyfriend. I shouldn’t have left, not even for few hours." He sighed. "You’re not a shitty boyfriend Michael, you’re here now with me." He kissed me. "Let just get rid thing, it caused us a lot of problems." He said throwing his xbox to the trash.


Silence filled the room as the memories of last night’s fight repeated over and over in my head. I went to bathroom, my hair was a mess and my eyes were red for too much crying. I slept alone the whole night in our shared apartment, the space on his side of the bed was cold and I just really missed him. Last night I received a text from my friend Calum and Ash read it. The text said he was excited to see me on Friday, we were going to buy a gift for Ashton’s birthday, he was going to help me. Ashton thought I was cheating on him, he didn’t even let me explain anything he just yelled at me and then left. I prepared some pancakes but I wasn’t hungry at all, I just stared at them until I heard the front door open. “Y/N?” I heard Ashton calling my name. He found me sitting in the kitchen with the pancakes in front of me. “Ashton, me and Calum are just friends. I would never cheat on you with anyone.” I said standing up. “I know and I’m sorry. I exaggerated things, I just can’t even imagine you with some other guy.” He apologized. “Me and Calum were just going to buy a birthday gift this Friday.” I explained. “Gosh, I’m so stupid.” He said palming his head. “No, you’re not Ash. Just don’t be jealous the next time and remember you’re the only one I want.” I hugged him and buried my head on his neck. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too Ash.”


"Get that damn pout out of your face Calum. I’m busy right now I can’t go to all the parties with you." I shouted. "Fine, then I’ll go without you but I’m not missing that party." He shouted slamming the door. I thought he was going to stay home with me and after I finished my work he could have a movie or cuddle night. But no he decided to go to that party. It was 3am already and he wasn’t home yet, I was concerned about him. I called him all night long but he was avoiding my calls, he then sent me a text saying he was coming home. Suddenly a slightly drunk Calum swung open the front door. "Calum are you okay?" I asked him. "Yeah, I am." He slurred. "Did you go to the party?" I asked him but he stayed in silence. "Calum I asked you something." "I didn’t okay. I went to the bar." He said. "I was worried about you, you could have answered my calls." I said. "Your work was more important for you than paying attention to me." He groaned. "Well it seemed that your party was way more important than me either because you left. I thought that after I finished my work we could watch some films or cuddle but like I said you left." "I’m sorry Y/N. Can we please still have our cuddle time?" He pouted. "Wy do you always make that face when you want something?" I said. "Pleease." He pouted. "Okay Calum, just never leave like that again. Promise?" "Promise." He said.


"You did it again Luke!" I yelled at him from the living room. "What have I done now?" He said coming towards me. "You promised it was the first and last time and that you were drunk. What is your excuse now?" I shouted showing him some pics I found of him with his ex. "Um, Y/N let me explain it to you." He said. "Explain what, that you can’t get over her or that I am irrelevant for you. "You’re not irrelevant for me. Who send you that picture?" He asked. "It doesn’t matter who did, you cheated on me AGAIN. I can’t forgive you this time, just leave Luke." I mumbled. "You want me to leave, fine I’ll leave, but just don’t call me when you’re done with your whole drama." He shouted leaving me there alone crying. I gave a look at the picture on last time and found something interesting. The date of day the picture was a year ago, way before me and Luke started dating. Damn he wasn’t cheating on him, I really screwed this up. I needed to clear my mind so I took a long shower, after the shower I went to my bedroom to change and Luke was there. "L-luke what are you doing here I thought you l-left." I stammered. "I did, but leaving my only love here crying was totally wrong." He said. "Y/N that picture was a long time ago." He explained. "I know." "Wait, you do?" He asked. "I found out just after you left, I’m sorry I yelled at you." I apologized. "I swear I haven’t seen her again, I will never do something that will hurt you." He said clasping his hand with mine.

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