Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


I look over at Pierce who is holding the same look of confusion that I must be. Chosen Ones? Prophecy?

Could it have been just a week ago that I was celebrating my sixteenth birthday at that dreaded party?

Pierce finally penetrates the deafening silence. "You think . . . that we're part of some old prophecy?" he says, skepticism clear on his face. Both David and Nicole nod slowly.

Much to all of our surprise, Pierce breaks into a fit of laughter, throwing up his hands as he walks out of the room. "That's it. I'm done," he says on his way to the door. "I'm done."

For a second all three of us just sit there, staring in the direction he walked off. I then decide to ignore the pain in my upper arm and follow him. I can feel David attempt to stop me, but Nicole rests her hand on his shoulder as she says, "Let her go."

He's in the bedroom at the end of the hall, sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. He doesn't look up at my approach.

I stand by the door as he remains motionless. "Should we call our parents?" I ask quietly, deciding to put things on a slightly lighter note.

He shrugs. "Doesn't really matter, does it? Since we're going to be killed by those 'Hunter' things anyway?" he says into his hands. Then he lifts his head and looks me directly in the eyes. "You don't believe all that, do you?"

I lower my eyes as I don't respond. I'll admit, it's definitely a lot to absorb, but there were some parts that undoubtedly had truth to them. Like our powers, for example. And that people are after us. Could it all be true, then?

I move over to where he sits and take a spot beside him. "I believe that something crazy is going on and that those people in there know much more about it than you or I do," I say.

He seems to agree. "Yeah," is all he says, though. After a moment he continues, somewhat shyly. "So. What'd you think about that whole 'soulmates' deal? Crazy, right?"

I can feel my cheeks reddening as I look away. "Yeah, but I don't believe it. There could be plenty of reasons as to why our powers don't work on each other." Although I'd never admit it to Pierce, the thought does occur to me that we could actually be soulmates. It would explain a lot, that's for sure.

He nods and after yet another moment of silence, starts laughing silently. He talks before I can ask. "Mycology and Canadian hockey, huh?" He continues into another set of chuckles.

It doesn't take me long to realize where he got that information from. "Oh, so you're a stalker now, is that it? Like to look at girls' profiles?" I ask caustically. I had added that to my page as a joke, of course, and I meant to delete it, but evidently I forgot.

His laughing dies down as he responds. "Only the pretty ones," he says with enough mock-flirtation to make me want to smack him instead of blush.

"Very funny," I mutter as I make my way to the door. "But, seriously, we should call someone. Let them know we're not dead." And with that, I pull out my cell phone and dial my mother's number. Finally, after the fifth ring, she picks up.

"Hey M-" I begin, but am interrupted by a loud crashing noise coming from the other end. "Mom? Are you okay?" I ask worriedly.

After a second or two I hear my mother's voice. "Kaya? Kaya, where are you?" She sounds panicked and nervous, as I assumed she'd be.

"Hey, Mom, I'm fine. I'm, uh, with a friend. We'll be back soon, I promise," I assure her.

"Good," a deep male voice croons. I almost drop the phone.

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