JADE POV:  we pulled up to the club and I could feel the butterfly's flutter in my tummy. I didn't know Alex was going to be bringing these boys. Not that I don't like them I just have a feeling its going to be weird. "jade are you ok,the guys are already inside lets go "Alex said taking me out of my thoughts."ya  im coming" I replied unbuckling myself and getting out. We walked up to the front doors and where let in right away. Alex comes here a lot so she's like a regular. it was dark inside but the strobe lights flashing every where helped me see where I was going. We found the guys at a bar with baby blue tile over the top. We walked over and I saw a girl with beautiful brown wavy hair and light brown eyes who was sitting with Louis. "hey,im Alex" Alex said to the girl. "hello im Eleanor" the girl replied. I introduced myself once again for about the sixth time tonight. I sat down in between harry and niall."hey i was wondering whereyou where"niall said curiously."oh ya i just forgot somthing in the car" i replied alittle nerviouse."oh,ok"he said shyly.we sat there for a while longer everyone talked but me and niall we where just sitting off to the side.''so umm y-you want to uh dance"niall asked nervious."i-i dont dance" i replied back in the same tone.then all of a sudden niall got confidence and pulled me up by my arm playfully."come one im sure your not much worse than me".niall teased.i just went along with it.we went out to the dance floor.we started dancing awkwardly.we kind of looked like two middel schoolers at a middle school dance.people started staring at us and we bursted out laughing."hey lets go get a drink"niall yelled over the music.i just nodded in response not wanting to yell.we pushed our way therough the crowd of people and sat down at the bar."can we have two beers please"niall said kindly to the man.the man nodded in respones and smiled as if no one ever talks to him like that.as we waited niall made conversation."so,if we are going to be around eachother alot i think we should get to know eachother"he said sweetly."really niall in a bar full of drunk people"i spoke back sarcasticly."welllllll then why dont we go back to alex place".he asked,i was alittle apprehensive"w-well i dont know "."oh come on jade im not gong to try anything i promise"he stuck out his pinky finger."really niall,a pinky promise?"i asked teasingly."yeah why not i never break the"he yelled over the music that seemed to be getting louder."alright but if you try anything-","i wont i promise"he cut me off and took my hand as we made our way out of the clube and called a taxi.

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