I can clearly hear the sounds of ambulance. I think the baby was born on Matt's car but i don't know. I got a big headache and i was sleeping for 20 minutes so i don't know what happened to the baby and Selena. When i open my eyes, i can see Matt and Justin in their shock and tired expression. I see the blood on their hands. Ew, gross. I stand up right next to Matt and hold my forehead.

"What happened?" I ask tiredly.

"The baby was born on my car." Say matt.

"Awe, really? Was it good?"

He raises his eyebrows, "what was good?"

"I can clearly see the blood on your hands. Was it good to-"

"No it's not. Absolutely not. Argh, my hands..." He say and i smirk.

"Hey where can i wash my hands? It's fucking grossing me out!" Justin suddenly ask me, and i shake my head.

"I don't know. Do you have any water in your car?" I ask Matt and he shake his head.


"Seriously?" I ask him.

"Do i look like i'm joking?" Matt look at me and i laugh a little.

"Whats funny?" He aks

"Nothing." I say and i let out a sigh.

"Jesus! Oh my God i forgot that i have some water on my bag!" Justin shout and Matt walk towards his car.

"Where did you put your bag?" I ask him curiously.

"Here you go man." Justin throw the bottle to Matt "go was your hands. Dont waste it too much"

"Cool. Thanks"


After they finished with their hands, we all sit on the car listening to soke music even tho we're really dont wanna listen to the music.

I'm the one who driving this car right now. The boys are so quiet, i can even only hear they breathing.

"Hey, you boys okay?" I ask

"Do i look- i mean do WE look like we're okay? I mean, you saw us barbs, you saw the blood was on our hand! How can we're okay with that???" Matt's pissed me off with those words.

"Damn it matty, chill out."

"Chill out? Wait the minute, do i fucking look like i can chill the fuck out? Do i fucking look like nothing happened? Huh?" His voice getting louder.

"Can you please don't use 'fuck' in every fucking sentence?!" I snap.

"Hey, you both chill the fuck out!" Justin shout at us. "Don't be such an immature! You saw us barbs, we were really shocked. We're not okay right now, so thats why we want you to drive this car. Everything's clear now?"

I bite my lips and stop the car. "Now you're on his side?"

"Wha- wait what do you mean?"

"I better find a cab" i say and get out from the car.

I walk faster than before so Justin can't chase me, but viola, he grab my waist from behind and he try to control his breath. I can feel his hot breath from behind my neck.

"Babe, please listen" he say softly

"Listen to what? Why are you chasing me? Let me go." I say and try to push him off but i can't. He's stronger than me.

"Why i'm chasing you? Thats such a stupid question, you know. I'm chasing you because i love you. I love you more than anything,you idiot. Don't you see?" He say and start letting me go.

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