He who walks the other side of the road

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He looks like he's doing well, I'm happy for him

My first boyfriend, i wonder what's going on in your life

There was a time, i got him memorized

But now? I only remember his face

Is it still the same? kung ano ang itsura niya pag nakatalikod siya, kung pano siya maglakad, kung pano niya hawakan ang mga gamit niya, kung pano siya umupo, kung pano siya magsalita...

Now I can't even spot him when there's a crowd

You think I still love him do you? Yes you, the one reading this.

No. I don't anymore.

The thing is, we already move on with our lives. The love might be over but our life keeps on moving. I tell you, it's a waste of time waiting for someone who decided to leave. But if and only if that someone comes back running to you.. what would you do? 

It depends on the situation I guess. But if it's me, tapos na. I feel like okay na yung times na pinagsamahan namin. No going back anymore. Plus, we have different paths that we want to take. 

I can only wish for his happiness now, it's the thing i failed to give to him. Generally, i wish happiness to the people who became and is still part of my life. 

So cheers for the people who made it through the break up and is in the process of moving on. You guys have been strong enough to make it everyday trying to walk forward. The pain might hurt a lot pero darating ang panahon na hindi mo mapapansin na wala na pala yung pain na yun. Darating ang panahon na titigilan mo na ang pagcheck ng wall niya sa facebook. Darating ang panahon na makakalimutan mo kung ano cellphone number niya. Basta sa mga panahong ito, wag mo kalimutan na mahalin rin ang sarili mo. 

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