helping a friend's broken heart

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the police rang back at around half 1 and said that m is now not allowed back in the country, I get a call from a sobbing roxy so I go to her house.

I sit next to her on her bes and I hug her "what's the matter?" I asked concerned


"what has he done?"

"I think he's dumped me"

"why? what happened?"

"the posh tots printed out a picture they made and he believes them" roxy cries

"what's the picture?"

"photo shopped of me and some picture of a boy from google kissing"

"what a bitch" I said my eyes went wide, I've never swore before well in a very long time.

"he was so upset and angry"

"where is he?"

"I don't know"

"I'm gonna sort it out"

"there's nothing to sort out, he believes them over me and as normal I get all the horrible things said to me, it was like he was ben it was horrible"

"did he touch you?"

"I tried to hold him still to stop him Pacing around and he pushed me away"

"I'll be back I'm sorting it out" I hug roxy and I go to the skatepark, I see mickey and jamie on a ramp and he looks really upset and is crying so I sneak over and I hide behind a ramp and listen in

"what have I done mickey" jamie cried

"did you let her explain or even look at the photo?"


"so you just had a go and dumped her without hearing her side"

"I didn't dump her I just left, she kept acting like she didn't have a clue what I was on about"

I quickly go back and make it look like I just arrived "hey" I sit next to mickey and lean my head on his shoulder

"I take it you know?" jamie asked whilst wiping his eyes

"yeah I just spent over 30 minutes getting her to stop crying so she could actually breath, so where's this picture then?"

"she acted like she didn't have a clue"

"that's cause she didn't, she haven't kissed anyone but you and her hamster so show this picture then" he passes me the paper and I unravel it. "you're such an idiot" I snapped

"what you don't believe it, it's roxy kissing some other dude" jamie shouts

"it's photo shopped" I shouted back, mickey looked at the photo

"jamie I know you're stupid but not this stupid it's clearly photo shopped" mickey said

"it isn't"

"you can see they haven't even cropped the dude verywell and the watermark is still on the photo" I said


"there" I show him the photo and point out all of the bad things they messed up on.

"omg" jamie said

"I think you got some apologising to do and a lot of it dude" mickey said

"but what do I say?"

"well first of all you say sorry for pushing her, I don't care how angry you was cause you know damn well she gets pushed around by ben and to even call her the things ben did that is bang out of order. it's only us 3 and ellie she comes to with her problems and for comfort/support when ben is being a idiot to her and then you go and act like him" then I stand up and help mickey up. "then you letnher explain and hope she forgives you" I say and then jamie gets up and we head to roxy's, she's the only one in the house when we get there and she was debating weather to let jamie im but she did. me and mickey went in the kitchen whilst they sort things out.

"how can he be such a douchebag" mickey said

"I don't know"

"you ok, you seem annoyed about something and not just this whole roxy and jamie situation"

"m came back"

"did she hurt you?"

"only grabbed me but that's it, the police took her and she can't enter this country again" mickey hugged me and kissed my head,

"you ok now through?" he asked concerned

"yeah, I'm fine" I go on instagram and shortly afterwards jamie and roxy sorted things out they are back together,  finally.

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