Chapter 71 ~ another baby

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emily's pov

its been a month since Louis came back from tour and that night he came back we had sex and we didn't use protection but when I woke up I was sick and it obviosuly means I'm pregnant again. another baby luckily we have another spare room plus a guest room. 

Louis came in 5 minutes later with a test in his hand

"please take it. babe its been a month and yeah you were sick so please" he says and I hug him

"you realise you are the best husband ever because you know something is up and you know how long its been" i say

"well thats what I'm here for" he says and kisses my cheek and walks out

I do the test and after 5 minutes there is the result


I run downstairs to Louis not waking chloe but then jump into his arms and he seemed surprised

"what up with you" he says 

"Louis we're going to be parents again" i say

"no really oh my god" he cheers

"i know I cannot believe it" i say and smile at him

I cannot believe I am pregnant again and I know its been 6 months since chloe was born but yeah oh my god I am so happy now to tell the boys

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