Preference # 26: AU, Student (5SOS)

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Michael: Player - Michael Clifford the school biggest player, he’ve slept with lots of sluts and few of innocent girls including your friends washing away their innocence. You disliked him and always avoided him when you found him walking through the hallway or when you were in the same class. He always kept his eye on you, hungry to get you to be his next target since you were those tough ones aka his favorite. But he couldn’t deny the fact that you were the most beautiful person who he ever laid an eye on, you were perfectly fit, your lips slightly plump and kissable, your cheek were very soft, your eyes were a perfect shade and everyone agreed they could get lost in them easily, your nose were beautiful and slightly cute so Michael definitely wanted to get you. One day you were pinned against the school wall as you just rolled your eyes at the sight of Michael staring at you up and down licking his lips “You know I’ve always wanted to Y/N goddammit you’re so fucking hot…” he breathed against your neck but you pushed him away “I’m not gonna sleep with you Michael, I’m not gonna sleep with anyone unless their truly and deeply in love with me” you warned walking away as Michael tried giving up knowing you’re that kind of a person who would never change their mind. But he couldn’t resist you so he decided to take you on a lovely date, not expecting the fact that you both will be falling in love some other time…

Ashton: Cheeky - Ashton Irwin the school most charming and the cheekiest guy you’ll ever meet. His dimples were adorable, whenever he grinned the perfect lined teeth will reveal as his laugh sounds magical and his silly attitude would always make people laugh or stare in ‘awe’, he never really dated that much girls although he got a lot of attention but he did lay an eye on this one girl…you. You’ve been getting pretty close to him since the beginning of the school year and honestly all he had in mind was you and about the fact that he wanted you to be all his. You were quiet popular to guys as well which made him extremely jealous so he knew he would be keeping you by his side, take you on a date and make you his sooner than you’ll imagine.

Calum: Nerd - Calum Hood, the school smartest kid with a big glass always plastered on his face, his hear pretty clean by using the help of the jell. He was always smart in ever subject and surely adorable. He wasn’t those kinds of nerds who gets bullied every single day, he does get teased sometimes but that’s only a little thing. Since you both worked on a pair project together few months ago, Calum suddenly started getting this weird feeling he never got before and every time he spotted you, his heart flutters while his stomach turns which you call it a butterfly. Then he realized it was love, he was madly in love with you “Y-Y/N?” he called causing you to turn around and smile spotting Calum “U-Um..will you go on uh date with me?” he mumbled looking down fiddling with his fingers biting his bottom lip expecting a ‘No’ from you but instead you agreed filling him with shock and excitement.

Luke: Punk - Luke Hemmings, the school punk kid with his arms filled with meaningful tattoos, his lips, ears, eyebrow pierced. He did have a scary feature and everyone barely got close to him except for the other punk kids who were really close to him. There was a slight rumor that Luke had a crush on you but you didn’t believe it, you didn’t believe in rumors. You found Luke hot but never expected a guy like him would fancy a normal average girl like you…but he actually did. For him you were the most beautiful, wonderful, fit, special girl, he heard your laugh while you were talking with your friends, he heard you sing quietly when you were alone in the classroom sketching, your voice somehow comforted him. When you were about to leave the school you heard a raspy voice call “Y/N!” you turned around and slightly widened your eyes finding Luke jog towards your direction, everyone’s attention were on you two as Luke stopped, shoving his hand in his pocket “Well uh you seemed cool so I just thought if we could have some drink and chat for awhile? if you’re busy then it’s fine though just forget about it” he mumbled the last part. You smiled softly “Sure”

Credit to: gottaproblem-fxckoff

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