Chapter Twenty Eight ~ The fight

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Hey guys! Sorry, I'm a day late again >.< but this chapter is gonna get really intense! Ahhhhhh! Anyway, enjooooyyyy!


Chapter 28, The fight


Anthony and finished shooting at a the park and the studio and were heading home. We only had a few things to carry back and I was still in my "metrosexual hipster" costume and Anthony in his "Ash Ketchum" costume. We probably looked ridiculous in these costumes, but I was pretty comfortable. Although Anthony looked crazy in his wig...

We reached the door and saw a car driving away. Wait... Is that Natalie's car? It really looks like hers... Crap. What if she came here?

I ran up to the front steps and opened the door. It was unlocked. Oh no... I remember locking this...

"Raina?" I called out, waiting to see or hear her.

"Ian!" She yelled from a room, probably hers, and came running up. "Natalie came. And she said that she wanted to talk to you. She has 'unfinished business' with you..." She paused. "What does that mean? What else happened between you two?" I took a deep breath.

"What else did she say." I said to more like a command, not a question.

"That's all. She left after that. She slammed the door in my face after telling me to say that 'Natalie came'..."

"Damn it."

"What... Else happened? Between you two." Raina questioned, looking concerned.

"As I said before, it was a messy ending. She tried multiple times to get back together after the... Incident. But I obviously ignored her. Honestly, I wanted to get back together. A part of me still loved her... But I.. I didn't."

Raina looked down at her feet. She was trying not to cry. Shakily, she asked, "Do you still love her?" She was holding back the tears, but was about to burst out crying at any minute. She repeated her question again, only slower. "Do. You. Still. Love. Her?"


Raina looked up. Tears welling up in her eyes she tried to blink them back.

"When was the last time you talked to her, Ian? Why does she have unfinished business? Why didn't you... Tell me?" Raina looked up. Tears welling up in her eyes she tried to blink them back. I sighed and took another deep breath.

"I almost got back together with her... About when the time you came here... But like I said I didn't.. I.. I thought I liked you."

"So, what, I was the only thing keeping you from being with her? Am I in your way? You know what, fine. You can have her if you want her so bad!" Raina started to walk away, but I caught her wrist.

"Let me go.." Raina said, the tears now pouring down her cheeks.

"No, Raina. I don't want her. I want you."

"Why? If she's so perfect and pretty, why don't you want her? You still love her Ian. I know you do. It's written all over your face and I don't.." She stopped to sniff. She whipped her head around to face me.

"Just leave me alone. We're done." She said quietly.

Her hand ripped out of mine and she ran down to her room, slamming the door and, almost certainly, locking herself in.

I stood there, not really sure what to do. I didn't know what to feel. Anger? No, just at Natalie. But maybe I still did love her... I didn't think I did. I love Raina. More than anything... But now she's gone... Just like... Natalie did.

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