Good timing

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Henry's POV

I am actually quite excited to go to town with Cynthia even though she will probably be a complete turd the whole day but at least I am getting through to her......

"Mum I am off to town now"

"Ok have a nice time.... get some new shoes as well!"


I looked down at my tattered DC trainers and decided that I needed to erase the emotional attachment I had to them......

I walked out of the front door and close it behind me and I got into my car and drove above half a mile down the street to Cynthia's house... she is too hard as nails to have given me her number so I kind of hacked into her wifi and sent her a message on Facebook.

'I am outside in my car hurry up'

Within five minutes I got an angry reply.

'Are you seriously parked outside my house!'

'No I am parked a few houses down. We wouldn't want anyone to see me now would we'

After another ten minutes we were in the shopping centre car park.

After I parked the car we got out and started to walk towards Primark.

"You shop in Primark"

"Yes why?"

"You seem the type that shops in places like Gucci"

"Cynthia we may live on the ever so posh rich estate but doesn't mean we always have to have all the flash stuff"

"I know..."

We walked around Primark for around half an hour until Cynthia ran over to a clothes rack and picked up a pale pink summer dress. The look on her far said it all.....she loves the dress.

"Nice dress"

"Not really it is pale pink"

"Oh please Cynthia the look in your far tells me that you love it!"

"If I am seen wearing this everyone will make fun of me"

"That is what you think. At least try it on"


Obviously I had to wait outside of the changing rooms so I didn't look like a weirdo. I could hear her moaning about how awful she will probably look and it just made me laugh to be honest.

"Ok I am ready now!"

"Let's see it then"

I heard a curtain being pulled across and I heard heels walking along towards me and when I looked up Cynthia was stood there red in the face with embarrassment.

"I look silly don't I?"

"No. In fact you look amazing in that dress"

"Your just saying that"

"No. Do you like it then?"

"Yes but everyone will laugh at me"

"Hey why happened to the girl that doesn't care what other people say. If you like the dress then get it....."

Ten minutes later we were walking towards Newlook so Cynthia could buy more clothes. And in her brown paper Primark bag was the pale pink dress.....


Cynthia's POV

"So has you always been a bit of a girly girl"

"Look Henry I might seem like a total chav but I do wear more colorful clothes when I am at home"

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