The first day of the rest of my life

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I walked into my science class, I was surprised to see Jack had moved back to his original seat. I scooted next to him and started working.
We didn't speak to each other the whole session. I guess it's become awkward.
I think it made our life easier, us not talking; we saved each other a lot of sympathy and pity.

Weeks went pass and I still didn't speak to him.
It was the first step to getting over him.

One day, while in science I walked passed the cool table and my 'friends', Yasmine, Kirsty and the hoe Stacey called me aside.
"Look Mia I'm sorry I really tried to keep quiet but I couldn't" Yasmin explained.
Kirsty stayed quiet as usual, the general follower.
"Listen Mia the fight was stupid and I never really liked him, it just happened and guess what?" Stacey said.
Lemme guess, you fucked the only boy I liked and now everyone hates you.
"What?" I questioned.
"He dumped me, because apparently he loves u anyways I came out, I'm gay." Stacey uttered.
I couldn't believe my ears , instead of speaking my mouth hung in amazement. "your gggg" I stuttered
"Yes I'm gay I love girls, but anyway I'm sorry can we be friends." Before I knew it we were all hugging and smiling.

I slid back down in my seat next to him. Listen Jack, I love u that's the truth there I said it I just want u to know that I'm fine if-" before I could finish my sentence Jack had silenced me by kissing me. I was too deep into the kiss to notice Mr hot Stevens standing in front of us declaring class was over. When we pulled away we were the only ones in class, even sir had left, at that moment we did something stupid.

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