"Omg dee hell the how are you asleep...still, fucking wake up." I smiled at the attempt of hayley waking me up. She was shaking ke and yelling, but I should get up now. We have already landed... already it was do quick. I shuffled out of ky seat and grabbed my bags then went to see annabel and Hayley.

"Ummm excuse me ma'am but could you just help me a little with the cleaning." I heard the small voice behind me and I turned around.

"Oh uhhh sure." I said with a smile and she smiled back. I puy my bags down and went to help. Soon after we were done and she thanked me and I left to only to be met with an impatient hayley and anne (annabels nickname.) I smiled at them casually and walked past them with a smug look and sat down at a table innocently. All I can say is that THEY.WERE ANGRY. They walked over to me and I couldn't help but feel a little scared of them now.

"Well dee you have really pushed us now haven't you, now you better get up now so we can go ok." Anne said but I just nodded my head in response and they looked at each other with smirks on their faces. I was closing my eyes waiting for something but instead they just smiled at me and ohh how I felt relieved. Untill they pull me up by my arms and literally drag me across the airport.

"Help anyone please, they are phsycopaths." I yelled and they started laughing.

"Oh is that all we are to you?" Hayley said. I nodded my head and they smirked. "Oh you are so gonna get it." Hayley finish and pushed me into a cab.

"Oww watch it." I yelled as I hit my head on the window. They just laughed and turned to face me." Where are we going anyway?" I asked very eager to know.

"Its a surprise." Anna said she knows I hate surprises and but hate I loathe them, I could literally strangle her but I am to young and beautiful to go to jail. I smiled at them and fell asleep ......again.

a/n sorry that it is so short this chapter. It is 3:30am where i live and I am so tired

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