Chapter 14

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10:27 pm is , the last thing I seen,  I woke up in the hospital .

Nurse:  Mr August?

Me:  yes?  may I ask what happened?

Nurse:  you were intoxicated driving,  you crashed into a tree,  it was a really nasty accident,  but your fine, just a broken leg, but sir It's time for your lunch. 

; she brought in mashed potatoes , ham,   banana pudding,  & grape juice.  

it looked been discusting but very good. 

Nurse:  Mr August any questions? 

Me:  when will I be able time leave? 

Nurse:  7days , we still have to run test,  but if you need anything else press the red button. 

Me:  ok.

Yn pov..

I look at the news,  a deadly crash has happening, in the vehicle was mr. chretanto august,  he is in the hospital now. 

tears start tl run down my face,  as I am pregant I woddle down to my cell & cry.  I feel like I have lost a part of me.

sorry It's short,  school has been in the way.

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