Chapter 5

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HI! I'm sorry. I know its been a while but everything has been so crazy what with school and my laptop acting weird. I got a new laptop and school is calming down so I should be able to update a lot faster. Well after much delay, here's Chapter 5. Hope you guys like it.

Percy POV

When I woke up, Annabeth was still asleep. I smiled. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. I quietly slipped from the bed and grabbed clean clothes. I went into the shower. It was easier for me than it probably was for Annabeth. I just had to think warm water and it came spraying out at perfect temperature. Poseidon perks. After a while, I stepped out of the shower and put on my fresh clothes. I walked out to see Annabeth was still asleep. I smiled. Let's have a little fun shall we, I thought to myself. I got really close to her ear and said in a singsong voice, "Annabeth." She groaned and turned the other way so she was facing the wall. I ran my fingers down her back. "Oh my gods it's a spider," I yelled. She jumped up screaming and hitting her back. I fell to the floor laughing and she kneeled on my rib cage. "Not funny Seaweed Brain. I am so gonna get you for this," she said. She then proceeded to get clothes and take a shower.

The entire time I fiddled with the remote trying to find something cool to watch on the tv. Unfortunately, there was only two channels. One was playing the reapings again and the other was some fashion thing. I turned it off as Annabeth walked out, hair wet. She quickly put it in a bun. I took her hand and we went out to breakfast. The others were already eating by the time we got there. We silently say down and began to eat. It was Waffles, fruit, and hot chocolate.

"So Katniss," I began. "You can hunt?" She shrugged. "I guess I'm alright. Never hunted for sport before let alone people," she said. "But at least there's something we can build up. What about you Peeta," I said. "He's strong," Katniss interrupted. "Well that's good," Annabeth said. "Once we get to the Capitol we can start working on strategies." We all nodded in agreement. There was an awkward silence. We finished the meal with a few comments by Effie. After, the train got dark. I realized we were in the tunnel before the city. I took Annabeth's hand and brought her to a window where we would not be seen. "Look," I said pointing to the nearing city. It was huge. There were towering buildings everywhere you looked. Annabeth and I looked at each other. "Look at the way that building is shaped," she said. I couldn't help but smile. She seemed so excited. "Welcome to the Capitol Wise Girl," I whispered. She gave a light laugh that gave me butterflies. She leaned over and kissed me which made the butterflies turn into killer bees. Even though we'd been dating for over a year, I still couldn't help the way she made me melt. I wrapped and arm around her waist as we pulled into the station. There were tons of people there waving. I looked at her.

"How are we gonna get off this train," I asked. She pulled out here Yankees cap and put it on. "Thats so not fair," I protested. "Fine," she said taking it off. "We lead them away with Katniss and Peeta out the main doors. You and I can go out the side and make out way through the crowd." "Sounds good," I say. We tell the others the plan and they nod. "Here goes nothing," I say. Haymitch opens the door on cue and everyone rushes over to see Katniss and Peeta. Annabeth and I quickly weave through the crowd an manage to sneak into the building where we'd be staying. I remembered Effie saying twelfth floor. I punched the button as the elevator door closed. We both let out the breath we'd been holding when we reached the top floor.

We went to the extra room and got settled. "Let's call camp," I suggested. She nodded pulling out a drachma. The shower wasn't cooperating and I quickly got frustrated. "I have an idea," Annabeth said. She got the remote that changed the window view and started playing with it. Suddenly, a rainbow filled the screen. "O Iris, goddess of the rainbow, accept my offering," she said throwing the drachma at the screen. An image of camp flickered to life. "Chiron! It's us," I said. He turned around. "Percy. Annabeth. Good you two are alive. How are things going with the demigods," he said. "We're still thinking of a plan," Annabeth admitted. "It's ok. Just be careful. We need at least one to make it back. Ok," he told us. We nodded. He updated us about what was going on at camp and suddenly I heard a familiar voice in the background. "Let me talk to them," a voice demanded as he popped into the screen.

"Peter Johnson! Annie Bell! How are you," Mr. D asked us. "Fine and it's Percy Jackson and Annabeth. Get it right," I said. "Whatever listen. I need a favor. You guys are with my son. I need him to visit camp for a day or two. I have a...task, so to say, for him," he tells us. "I guess we'll tell him to come and tomorrow we'll all call," I said. "Whatever tomorrow," he said leaving. I was about to tell Chiron about the other two demigods when there was a big boom. "And that's my cue," Chiron said. "I think one of the new Hephaestus accidentally set off some fireworks. Better go check. Keep me updated," he said. And with that the screen flickered till it was back to its original picture. Annabeth changed it to the beach that we had it set on on the train. "Where are Katniss and Peeta anyways," I asked. "Getting ready for the parade tonight," Annabeth explained and I nodded sighing.

This was gonna be a long quest.

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